Pick Up Red Dead Redemption's Soundtrack — In Vinyl

Sure you can download the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack - get it on CD even! But if you want authentic pop, crackle and hiss coming over your wild west soundtrack, only Rockstar has what you need, a double vinyl LP.

The studio partnered with Wax Poetics to present the limited edition RDR soundtrack "on blazing red vinyl," packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket and carrying a track exclusive to the release.

Rockstar says the album is perfect "for DJs, vinyl collectors, and Red Dead fans who would like to add this to their stash."

Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack Double Vinyl LP [Rockstar Warehouse]


    The de Blob vinyl soundtrack is one of the greatest things I've ever bought. I don't have RDR yet (plan to once the price drops :P), but I can see this taking place next to that.

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