Pirate This Game, You'll Get Fined

Let's be clear. Torrenting games is not good. It's bad. But, if you are planning on torrenting games, think twice about doing so with The Witcher 2, because you could be hunted down and fined.

The game's developer CD Projekt considers The Witcher 2 to be a prime target for piracy. It's a single-player only role-playing game that does not have an online component. To combat piracy, CD Projekt is signing with legal firms and torrent sneaking companies.

CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński tells website Eurogamer, "In quite a few big countries, when people are downloading it illegally they can expect a letter from a legal firm saying, 'Hey, you downloaded it illegally and right now you have to pay a fine.'"

As Eurogamer points out, law firms contact torrent sites and get the names of the Internet Services Providers used by illegal downloaders. The firms then threaten the ISP with legal action if they do not provide the users' account info. After acquiring those details, letters are sent out.

"I'm sure you've heard about stories in the US when recording companies were chasing people," Iwiński added. "We don't want to be so harsh, but there is a chance that this might happen to some people if they download illegally. There will be an initiative."

The Witcher 2, however, is not laced with digital rights management software so those who do purchase the offline game can install it on as many computers as they like and not have to worry about an internet connection.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is slated for release next May.

Witcher 2 torrents could net you a fine PC News [Eurogamer via Joystiq]


    The thing is that about 1 in 3 people targeted like that are innocent!

      And where is your proof of such claim? You're just making shit up without proof.

    I'm not sure how to feel about this but as I'm against penalising individuals to this degree on principle but when CD Projekt are offiring up a DRM free version of the game on disc and gog.com day one what excuses are left for pirates?

      The pirates can still play the "we're a bunch of greedy, tightarsed [email protected]" card. Of course that doesn't play as well as their usual freedom-fightin', stickin'-it-to-the-DRM-enforcing-man stance, but when they're backed into a corner like this they'll resort to the truth if they have to.

    Wont work in Australia because the iiNet case set the precendent that ISPs arent required to hand over personal information to these firms or pass on any letters. Looks like they will have to go through the police.

      You still shouldn't pirate it. The company is doing the right thing by gamers and if it gets pirated like mad it will just give the developers more of a reason to add restricting DRM.

      Look at poor Demigod, it had so many people pirate their DRM free game it crashed their servers for the first few days.

    Go and listen to some Metalica!

      Shouldn't they be chasing the "Dealers" and not the "users"????

        With torrents the users are also dealers :D

          Touche...I am of course refering to the original uploader.

    In no way do I advocate piracy but I think this will result in a lot of bad rep for CD Projekt if they go ahead with it. For many gamers whose attention spans barely rival those of gold fish, the headline "Developer of The Witcher 2 suing gamers who pirate" will simply read "Developer of The Witcher 2 suing gamers".

    Carrot and stick. It's probably the best approach they can take at this point.

    The one problem is with the stick - sending out legal letters based on an IP has always been a poor approach, as they're not close to being 100% reliable.

    Still, credit to them for removing the DRM, hope it works for them.

    uh yeah this is a horrible idea.

    I cant really see a problem with it. I will happily pay for a good product I want that doesn't treat me like a criminal. The bought version will be the better version. Customer wins. This game deserves to set sales records just for treating customers well.
    I just preodered now

    Great idea.
    The legitimate buyers are not hassled.
    Morons who pirate get punished.
    Where's the problem?
    ISP privacy issues are all crap in my opinion. Such things only serve to protect people doing something they shouldn't. If a case needs to be answered, the ISP should be compelled to offer up the source, or face persecution.
    Journalists face this prospect - so why is it different here?
    Good luck guys!

    It's a noble albeit threatening goal but it's not going to make much of a difference. Still waiting to be able to pre-order a physical collector's edition!

    Great, this puts me between a rock and a hard place...

    I want the Witcher, and I want to support CD-Projekt for their DRM free approach, but I don't want to support civil prosecution and corporate lawyer bullying.

    I can understand them doing this as a deterrent prior to the release of their easily distributable DRM free game, but if they follow through with it, they'll have taken a huge fall from grace in my book.

    hmmm, if only there was a "reasons for buying this game" field at the GoG checkout!

    this is going to lead to piracy unfortunatly because people will view it as a you don't show us the respect we want why should we pay you then which most DRM represent's

    oh well i'll be getting my collectors edition :D

    Between this and the usual thick layer of DRM cloggings included with most new titles *cough*bitemeubisoft*/cough* I think they've taken the lesser of 2 evils. Besides, DRM punishes buyers, not piraters.

    I think it's a good idea in theory. Like others have mentioned, it's only going to cause trouble for people who pirate, not for anyone who bought the game. And depending on how much they sue each person they catch, they could make back a lot of the money lost.

    But I doubt it will work out that well.

    simple solution, don't buy the game, don't download the game....
    the only thing i liked in the witcher was the art book i got with the massively marked down collectors edition

    Sounds fine to me. When I want the game I will buy it, I will have it, and all will be good. When a douchebag pirate decides he wants the game but is too much of a tightass git to pay money for it, he'll steal it, he will be fined more than the game even cost, and all will be good.

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