Pirates Are All Over Starcraft II

There are lots of people out there who refuse to pay for video games. If you're wondering how many, let's take a look at illegal Starcraft II downloads, and you'll see they number in the millions.

Last week, Torrent Freak posted a story revealing that the most popular illegal copy of Starcraft II had been downloaded via BitTorrent over two million times since the game's release earlier this year.

That's not every illegal copy of the game obtained across the world. That's just the most popular of several copies of the game (you can see how many are out there below) downloaded over the internet and doesn't include the figures from other less popular torrent files or marketplace sales in regions like China, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

For the record, the game sold 3.3 million legitimate copies in its first month on sale.

5 Torrent Files That Broke Mind Boggling Records [TorrentFreak, via Edge]


    Too bad they can't play multiplayer so miss out on a huge part of what makes SC series great.
    But then again; they've probably never played multiplayer (or at least not on official servers).

    Also, your image post doesn't quite show much - practically every mainstream good game (and even bad ones) have tons of pirated copies making its rounds on torrent sites - your image doesn't really show the downloaded amount; and from the Seeders and Leechers it seems like it isn't that popular of a download.

      Why the hell could it possibly be "too bad" that people who didn't pay don't get to play multiplayer? They shouldn't be able to play at all!

    Well its probably too late to track offenders, but i'm sure when diablo 3 comes around they can monitor the net, and stop pirates, is this kind of thing that reminds us the cheap nature of the world, and how we arent willing to support the entertainment industry

      You do realise that Blizzard were aware that this was going to happen, and couldn't do a thing to stop it? What makes you think that they'll suddenly be able to police teh interwebz when Diablo 3 drops?

      Ermm.. i thought the whole idea of ripping away one of the biggest draw cards that made SC1 popular (ie. LAN) and forcing everyone in BNet was to "Stop" this form of piracy?

      To be honest... you'd have to have been living in a cave for the past century to not see this coming. DRM in any form is a fail move. *period*

        +1 Neil and Rock_M

        Everytime the developers decide on obnoxious DRM, it is us legitimate consumers who have to pay.

        If there was ever a plausible way to stop piracy, it would've been implemented by now.

          So if it's always the legitimate customers who suffer, why do we always blame the developers who are trying to protect their property and work rather than the stinking, thieving, gutless, tight-assed, immoral pirates? Since someone ripping off a game doesn't actually hurt US where we sit perfectly content in our moral high chair, we think it's perfectly reasonable to demand that developers give up on trying to stand up for themselves so they don't inconvenience us at all.Oh sure, it doesn't matter that 90% of all copies of this game that people have put years of work into are stolen- I PAID for MY copy, so how DARE the developers put DRM in the game!

    I lot of people I know don't buy the game because they don't the suitable specs to play the game anyway. You can't really play in internet/gaming cafes either since players have to create their own account and thus must resort to buying the game or at least the cd-key in order to play there. So they don't even bother with the game.

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