Play TV hits 100,000 Units – Reduces Price

Play TV hits 100,000 Units – Reduces Price

Play TV hits 100,000 Units – Reduces PricePlay TV, the peripheral from Sony that allows users to watch, record, and pause live TV has been out for less than a year, but a press release from Sony Australia is announcing that they’ve already shifted over 100,000 of them.

“2010 has seen a flood of content consumption choices like we’ve never before experienced in Australia,” said Managing Director Michael Ephraim, “making the selling of 100,000 PlayTV units since late November last year especially significant for PlayStation.”

Despite the fact that Play TV is obviously selling well, Sony has also announced that they’re dropping the price of the peripheral, although modestly, from $169.95 to $149.95. A drop that, according to Ephraim, means that “now more than ever Australians can easily enjoy a games console that is also a complete and value driven home entertainment solution.”

Could it be that Sony’s strategy of trying to create an all-in-one home media device through the PlayStation 3 is gaining traction? The convergence of media is a concept we were cynical about, but Sony’s strong position in the TV market, combined with the increasing sales of the PS3, seem to indicate that something may be clicking.



  • I love playTV – interface is awesome, apart from a few little hiccups ive had recording, its been great! Would really like to see an update to allow recording 2 programs at once tho.

    • Seconded – love my PlayTV – did mean I upgraded teh PS3 HDD to 500gig but seriously a great addition to our AV setup @ home. Even my fiance is sold on it!

      • Thirded. Did exactly the same thing, bought it and got a 500gb to go with it. I don’t know if your fiancée approved it however.

  • Most stores have been selling it at that price for sometime now…

    Given that it’s such a small drop in price, guess that doesn’t mean PlayTV 2 will be hitting any time soon

    • I’ve been wanting one ever since they came out, but kept putting it off, then I heard the playtv 2 rumours so figured I’d wait until that arrived. Now I don’t know what to do!? That price drop is paultry compared to what they should be able to offer 🙁

  • Not sure why you would be so cynical about a convergence of media – I think it is fantastic. My PS3 serves as a gateway for all of my home media into my TV/Stereo and this price drop in PlayTV proves to be an ideal solution for keeping everything in the one box.

    If it means less remotes, I’m all for it.

  • It’s a nice little gadget, but I would love love love an update to it’s software.
    Lots of ways it could be cleaned up. Simple things like being able to record programs Monday to Friday, skipping the weekends, and multiple selection to delete. Not difficult stuff.

    Apart from that, the fact that you have to keep your PS3 on, which is a bit of a power hog, is a downside.

    But it probably gets more use in our house than actual games.

      • “Series Link” would be great. To be able to type in “Big Bang Theory” and have it just record any episode that you don’t already have.

        As a programmer, it wouldn’t be very difficult to implement. Just scan the EPG listing looking for keywords.

    • You don’t need to leave the PS3 on for PlayTV to work – turn it off/in standby and it will turn itself on and off to record for you.

      • Well, part of it is the the PlayTV has become the main interface with the TV. Normal programming gets viewed through it. It’s better than the TV’s controls. So the Playstation gets left on.

        And the latest power bill was really really scary.

  • You know whats annoying? Trying to charge a mix of either controller, the wireless headset, the Move and have the Playstation Eye and Play TV plugged in. I miss my 60GB with 4 usb ports 🙁

  • I’ve got it and it’s pretty good, especially for the price.

    But one thing it’s screaming out for is an antenna passthrough (like VCRs have) so you can watch TV without having to have the PS3 turned on. In the end I slapped together a defacto passthrough by using an antenna splitter, but it took a bit of fiddling around before I could get it working without losing the signal on half the channels. The PlayTV tuner seems to be a bit more demanding of signal strength than my TV – there were some stations that the TV would find and display perfectly that the PlayTV couldn’t see until I got the splitter arrangement sorted otu properly.

  • Convergence of media is nothing new. Microsoft’s original Xbox had slightly more media capabilities than the PS2 (the ability to record music to the hard disc). The PS2 was many people’s first DVD player.

    I think over time the Convergence trend will continue. The PS3 embodies it better than any other current console, but I think the next gen’s consoles will all be (basically) home entertainment hubs/all-in-one multimedia gadgets. Essentially; living room PCs.

  • Isn’t there a new version of this in the pipeline? That’s why I’ve been holding out so far. What’s the word on Play TV 2?

  • PlayTV is kinda useless to me, since i can watch HD channels through my Sony Bravia, the only use i can find with it is the ability to record shows, but im not willing to grab a bigger HDD yet, due to the inability to transfer locked saves onto it (dont have another ps3 to do data transfer with) unless it works via back up to external drive?? For its current price, i would consider it if PlayTV 2 were an external PVR, to open up recording more, but i doubt that will happen

  • i picked one up about a month or so ago for $140. I saw it was advertised at Big W for $150 so I took it along to my local Harvey Norman and get it even cheaper…

  • watching tv remotely with a playstation phone would be pretty cool. Though does anyone do it with PSP at the moment?

  • Playtv is pretty decent for the price. But I have one big problem – sometimes it doesn’t shut down the PS3 after a scheduled recording. I have to manually shut down by holding down the power button the next morning, and sometimes get an abnormal shutdown error the next time I turn the PS3 on. Does anyone else have this problem?

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