PokeMonster Hunter: The Electric Warrior

Conceptual artist Endling imagines the world-colliding PokeMonster Hunter, dressed in the remains of slain Pickachu, Raikou, Manectric, Electivire and more, resulting in the scariest Pokemon Master ever. Seen at deviantArt. Thanks Edgar!


    That is so freakin epic!!

    I really wish this could be real.. lol

    except that would work. doesnt enyone know that pokemon are invincible? they can only every get knocked out, they can never be killed.

    what if they get there heads cut off? can they live then?

    So awesome... Sooooo, soooo awesome.

    They can die, lavender town isn't there for nothing, and you've never read the mangas, an Arbok gets cut in 1/2

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