Poker Night: Meet The Pigeon

Telltale Games' crazy crossover card game features three characters with established voices - Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Strong Bad, and Max. But what does Penny Arcade's Tycho sound like? This trailer has the answer.

Poker Night At The Inventory is due out for PC and Mac this month.


    Tycho hasa voice now? Me no likey..

    They went out of their way with precipice to keep them voiceless, now all of a sudden they're doing the voice thing? I wonder how much money was thrown at PA for this?

    Not that it's particularly a bad voice, i just preffered the PA guys being voiceless..

    Yeah, would it really have been that hard to have a Final Fantasy style chat box pop up every time tycho spoke? It would actually fit the character

    Also, does anyone else think Tycho is a bit out of place here? I mean, the PA games were average at best, and while PA are arguably the 'voice' of gaming (or at least, were), he's no-where near as iconic as the other chars.

    I would have MUCH preferred Guybrush

      I think while there are a few established characters on the list, IMO tycho has as much right being there as say, strongbad.

    His voice is close enough to what I imagined it that I don't mind. Especially since I won't be getting this. :P

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