Pokémon Popularity Contest Shocker

The Pokémon Company held a "Pokémon Popularity Contest", polling players on which Pocket Monster they want to meet. The winner is not Pikachu. That Pocket Monster wasn't even second!

Number five is Mew, and number four is the iconic yellow monster, Pikachu. Number three is Deoxys, while number two is Darkrai. The most popular Pokémon according to the players The Pokémon Company polled is Arceus.

Famed actor, author and singer Akihiro Miwa voiced Arceus in a recent Pokémon film. Miwa was very close with Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

Since Arceus was voted the most popular, the character will be given away in Pokémon: Black and White.

『ポケットモンスター ブラック・ホワイト』、「出会いたい!連れて行きたい!ポケモン人気投票」1位はアルセウスに決定 [楽天woman][Pic]


    Loosing makes baby Pikachu's cry :'(

      Don't you mean Pichu?? I'm sure their the 'baby' version of a Pikachu

    I carry an Arceus around in my pokewalker :P

    No one lieks mudkipz?

    I must have herd wrong.

      i wanted teh mudkipz.

      did anyone else notice, they are all legendary? xD


    Wait so this was to vote who they'll give away next? Then it makes sense Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys and Mew are on there, they're all "unobtainable" Pokemon. What idiots voted for Pikachu? You can catch them everywhere!

    Arceus...really? Scyther FTW!

    Garados is my fav in the game, but honestly Pikachu is the best by far anime wise (my Pikachu clock says so)!

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