PopSci Honors Playstation Move, Insults Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect

Popular Science (that's PopSci to you cool kids) just released their 23rd annual Best of What's New awards. Inside are just two video game gadgets and a bit of a backhand for the Wii and Xbox 360.

The magazine's awards go to 100 innovations that, according to PopSci, "indicate where technology is headed in the future."

While the Computing section of the awards are devoted to displays, laptops and Photoshop, yes Photoshop, the Home Entertainment category has some game.

Making the list: The recently released OnLive and Sony's Playstation Move.

OnLive gets the nod because of it's ability to deliver high-end computer games without the need for high-end computers, all over a broadband connection.

The Move? PopSci calls the Move controller the "first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids' stuff." Yikes, those are fighting words. I wonder if PopSci knows what they've gotten themselves into.

Best of What's New 2010 [PopSci]


    Move does feel pretty accurate, but does it innovate? It's really just an improvement on Wii technology (and in no small part due to better console hardware)

    Can I get away with saying Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is innovative because it's better than AC2?

    Needlessly provocative comment.

      Only the shallowest of gamers or haters would call the MOVE a wii clone.

      It looks similar on the outside, but the gameplay is vastly different. It adds the Z axis for crying out loud.

        he didnt say it was a clone.. he was saying that it is a better version of the wii remote, so ur the one thats in the wrong and maybe u should learn read too.

          Without meaning to be incendiary- isn't Move the natural -and proveably original intended- evolution of PSEye, which as we all know, came out over 3 years before Wii?

    You used to be cool, Popular Science.

    Well, you didn't, but still.

      Popular Science? More like Nerdular Nerdence

    well i wonder who recieves the thick yellow packet in the mail

    I'd have thought most hardcore gamers would regard all three of them (Wii, Kinect AND Move) as a waste of time. I've certainly got no interest in them. My Wii is already covered in dust, so I don't need to buy the other two to gather even more dust.

      Agreed. Not only is my Wii collecting dust, it's collecting dust at my girlfriends house because even she got bored with it after a week.

      Whilst the Move looks to be an improvement on what the Wii has started, I still don't see it taken hold in the mainstream hardcore games market.

      For starters, how long could you honestly hold your arms up playing a FPS using the move? Give me a control any day.. and for my opinion of Kinect, see Kevin Butler.

    I thought the Kinect was going to be just a casual fun thing. Nothing that spectacular.
    But when I got it and started using it I realised just how incredible it is! The possibilities are endless. And five years from now, or the next Kinect, will be incredible.
    MS played a brilliant card with Kinect.

    Stuff motion control. Wii, Kinect and Move all interest me as much as a tax return...

    Sounds to me like they got the work experience boy to do that "fandangled video games section that all the kids talk about".

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