Power Company Warns Of Dangers Of 'Vampire Energy' With RROD

The Alabama Power Company created this nifty television ad to talk about how some electronic gadgets still use power when they're turned off.

Unfortunately the message is likely to be lost on gamers who won't be able to help but fixate on those three flashing red lights on the power button of the Xbox 360 tucked neatly away under the gloriously outdated stereo.

Don't worry, those three rings surrounding a green light may just mean that Alabama Power Employee David Stewart forgot to plug in his kids' Xbox 360 properly. Or, you know, it could be dead.

Thanks for the tip, Scott!


    American plug don't all have a switch on the wall next to every plug?

    Don't other countries lack the switch because they don't have the ridiculosly high amount of power we get?

    It's a safety thing here. I thought anyway.

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