Predict The Mature Content In Fight Night Champion

Yesterday, EA Sports confirmed that Fight Night Champion will be its first M-rated sports game ever. The sweet science is a dirty business - how far will the game go in presenting that?

Right off the bat, I'd say they're going to stop gimping the lyrics in the soundtracks. It always sounds hideous, but they have to if they want to hit that E or T, because the ESRB considers all content on the game the publisher's responsibility, whether it was originally written for it or not.

But after that, what are we going to see? We know from the debut trailer there will be a heavy roleplay component within the game's career mode. What's that mean? Steroids? Throwing a fight? Gratuitous and profligate f-bombardment? Out-of-the-ring violence? Profuse bleeding? Chewing ears? Beating a stuntman with a cell phone? Is your trainer going to hold your junk for the pre-fight piss after your hands are taped and gloved?

Let's put it to a vote! Box covers for Mature games typically list five to six content descriptors explaining why it got that rating from the ESRB. For the board's official definitions of the descriptors, check here. Then pick six, and tell everyone why in the comments below!

What Content Flags Will The M-Rated Fight Night Champion Receive?online survey


    or... Jake la Motta punching a woman?

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