PSPgo On Its Deathbed In The UK?

Sony's PSPgo, a brave (if flawed) discless portable gaming system, looks to be on its last legs in the United Kingdom, with Sony making its second official price cut on the device in less than a month.

Last month, October, Sony reduced the price of the handheld from £200 (USD$320) to £160 (USD$260). That reduction was to have gone into effect on November 1.

Now, only three weeks later, it's been cut again, the PSPgo available on Sony's official online store in the UK for just £130 ($210).

Normally it takes years for consoles to see that significant a price-cut, but for the beleaguered PSPgo, it means its been discounted by USD$110 (or around 1/3 of its initial cost) in less than a month.

That does not happen to handhelds that are selling well. It does, however, happen to handhelds whose successor is right around the corner.

PSP Go Price Further Cut For UK [Gamasutra]


    $244 in Australia, 10 free games offer is still going thru to end January. Not many left anywhere...

    Will the PSP Phone and PSP2 end up being one and the same tho? And how much will 3DS kick its/their ass(es) anyway?

    Apparently Sony have since confirmed that the second price cut was an error. Story at this link:

    As a PSPgo owner though, I can confirm that the console is on its last legs. I was an early adopter, and have baulked at the prospect of paying higher prices for digital content. Only once have I bought a new release (MGS: Peace Walker), and having just purchased a Windows 7 Phone, I no longer plan to pick up any new releases for the Sony handheld.

    @Dutch I'll buy it off you for $70 :D

    Poor PSPgo. You were ahead of your time but was pushed out the door at a ridiculous price point and no-one bought you.

    I think the worst part of the Go is that after that failed experiment, Sony's almost given up support of the platform and has been sluggish or nonresponsive in even bothering to keep the store open or competitive vs retail.

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