Pushing 40 In A Maid Outfit

Aya Brea, protagonist of the forthcoming 3rd Birthday, is 39 years old. And she gets her jeans blown off, her stockings ripped up and even squeezed by a tentacle. Her latest fan service humiliation? A maid costume.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Jump Festa shows Aya's maid costume. This isn't an old granny maid outfit. Far from it.

From office worker to bride to maid, The 3rd Birthday has almost all costume fetishes covered. What's next, a nun habit? Schoolgirl uniform?

The 3rd Birthday, embarrassing costumes and all, is due out this December in Japan.


    just as a general point I'm happy to see more older characters in games (especially games) or movies.


    39? Really? I thought she was like 24. WTF!

      In Japanese games, 18 year olds look about 12-13. So if she is a Japanese designed character that looks 24 *gets out calculator* then 40 sounds about right.

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