'Questing' And Hero Creation In The Sims Medieval

I was a little disappointed to learn that The Sims Medieval is essentially The Sims gone... medieval.

I guess I should have suspected that, but trailers like this don't help. It makes you think it's got a little RPG or action in the game. From what I saw at Gamescom, it really doesn't.


    I don't really understand the point of it. If one wants medieval sims, why not just build a medieval themed town in TS3? (and though I haven't yet checked, no doubt someone has already made one available for download)

    And don't they sell towns on their store thing? If the devs wanted to make money off it, they could release it there, or make an expansion pack. I think you'd get more people buying it like that then you would from a standalone game.

    I'm disappointed as well, but not all that surprised. It seems like series such as these aren't interested in innovation or expansion, it's just more of the same. Make something different enough that it feels new, but the same enough that we can still guarantee our same audience.

    It's a pity because I think if the Sims tried to expand to a more hardcore audience then they could make a more advanced and interesting game, while still having something like an 'easy' or 'simple' option for casual players. I'm actually a little disgusted that they can just keep putting stuff out like this and keep making money.

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