Rage For iPhone Is A Mutant Bash Game Show

The creators of Doom and Quake are bringing their latest creation, Rage, to the Xbox 360, PC, Mac and PlayStation 3 next year. They're also bringing it to the iPhone (and Android?) as Mutant Bash TV.

Touch Arcade has in its hands the portable version of Rage id co-founder John Carmack first showed off at this year's QuakeCon. Mutant Bash TV, they say, plays a lot like id's Doom Resurrection for the iPhone, an on-rails, tilt-controlled first person shooter with new rules.

Mutant Bash TV is reportedly a spin-off of Rage, putting the player in the role of a contestant in a mutant-slaying game show, fending off wave after wave of post-apocalyptic monstrosity for high scores - and, we assume, big money and big prizes.

Exclusive 'Mutant Bash TV' Hands-On Preview – Id Software's 'RAGE'-based Shooter Looks Awesome [Touch Arcade]


    This would be just a time wasting game for iPhone. It needs to be linked to the PC, Xbox or PS3 games in someway that could help the player. Alas I don't see this happening and if you have the console or PC version, why get the iPhone version.

    Doom Resurrection was extremely hollow. The on rails thing was lame. At least I know I wont be wasting $8 or whatever on this.

    Tilt controls? No thank you. FPS controls are terrible on touch phones (tilt or digital analog stick).

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