RAGE On iPad - It Actually Works...

We got a tip via email (thanks Sam) that RAGE had hit the iPhone/iPad early, so we started downloading it. Two bloody hours later, it was installed on our office iPad and it turns out it's pretty impressive.

It's on rails, but it actually uses the id Tech 5 engine, and looks absolutely incredible. It's one of the few iPad games on the market that could truly pass for a console game.

Being on rails suits the iPad controls to an extent, which use a pretty intuitive touch system for aiming, but we were mostly just impressed by how much the team have managed to squeeze out of the iPad. It's also available on the iPhones in a lower resolution, but if possible we recommend getting a hold of the iPad version.

It's a hefty download (over 700MB) so we wouldn't recommend using 3G to download it, but it's worth the wait! It's blatantly more of a demo for the upcoming full priced console version, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless.

You can pick it up on the App store for $1.19, but the HD version is worth the extra dough at $2.59.


    2 hours to download 700mb?

    Did you have the packets delivered via carrier pigeon?

      The work experience kid hand cranks up the router every half hour.

        More likely he stops downloading pr0n for five minutes every half hour.

          That's what Tom said!


      Could be the local WiFi, a faulty router in the local LAN, or even high load on the Apple servers hosting the content.

      Finding bottle necks in a network is one of the hardest freaking tasks out there despite the cause being so simple.

      Of course not! Carrier pigeon would only take 1 hour 5 mins, making it much faster than using aussie internet:


    Screens or it didn't happen

    "It’s on rails, but it actually uses the id Tech 5 engine"

    My hype meter went from 1 to 0.

    Going to sound negative... But I already made the mistake of buying Doom Resurrection, let alone the iPhone itself. I'll pass. I'm more excited of that PSP2 image floating around for my handheld interests.

    There is two versions of the game out.

    The SD version which is for iPhones 3G and 3GS. Then the HD one which is a universal app for the iPhone 4, new iPod Touch and the iPad only.

    Isnt there a size limit you can download on 3G? anyways this game looks awesome and cant wait to to get some money and play it.

      I think there might be. My iPhone (a 3GS) will not download anything from the AppStore bigger than 10 MB.

    argh! downloaded the wrong version!

      Ahhh crap, me too!

    Got the HD version on iPad, very impressed. Just need to get an iPhone 4 to try it on now.

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