Rage On iPhone Is In Our Hands, Looks Damn Good

Rage HD has been a contender for best-looking iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game since we first saw it in August. Today, you can download it for $2.49 and see for yourself. Or watch videos of us playing it.

Rage HD is an on-rails shooter set in the same universe as next September's PC and console game Rage. Both are made by id Software, the people who brought us Doom and have lately been pushing Apple's iOS devices hard with graphically impressive games.

This is a feed captured by Kotaku chief Brian Crecente, who played the game today on his iPhone 4.

And this is a video from our Mike Fahey, who tried the game on his iPad.

The $2.49 Rage HD runs on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4 and the iPad. The $1.19 standard definition version of the game runs on devices as old as the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2.


    Damn thats impressive, never knew the iphone had that sort of grunt

    Bollocks. Makes me almost wish I'd gone for the iPhone 4 over the HTC Desire ;_;

      Don't stress, while it looks great its hardly fun to play.

        Playing is not far from watching with this and Doom 3: Resurrection.

        it's like fighting nursing home patients while moving around on crutches

    Looks nice but man does it look choppy, and thats on the iPhone 4. Would run like crap on my iPhone 3GS.
    Besides FPS on a touch phone is rubbish anyways.


      i got the HD version last night.
      i really dont know what anyone is talking about in terms of choppines, it is a very smooth game in my experience.

      i enjoyed it, while yes it was more for the visuals tis not a horrible game.
      i can't believe it can look that good though, cant wait for rage on the 360 if thats what they can get from an iphone.

      its the most impressive $2.49 ive spent

    looks great, but plays choppy. I my experience I'd rather smooth gaming. Damn those muties can take a lot of punishment without flinching.

    My SGS destroys the iPhone4 graphically, yet all the devs won't make fkn games on Android!! Godammit!

    i just got it and went thru the first level

    i have a 3gs and it seemed to run ok, amazing graphics!!!

    Shame FPS on iphones are so damn hard to master... maybe after some practice i will get better at it

    I'm not sure why that first video plays so choppily, having played it on my iPhone 4 I've found it to be really quite smooth and looks and plays great. For a bit over $2 I'd recommend it.

    I thought this was a on the rails shooter, not an FPS?

    Rage for PC and consoles will be a FPS.

    I'll wait until those framerate issues have been settled. While I approve of mobile gaming, FPS/Shooters aren't the best genre for that sort of thing, they handle HORRIBLY.

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