Re-Writing The Star Wars Saga (With LEGO)

You know how the cutscenes in the LEGO Star Wars games are funnier and more charming than the actual movies they're based on (especially the prequels)? Here's one long LEGO Star Wars cutscene, re-telling the story of episodes IV-VI.

It's been made by Danish advertising firm M2FILM, and is the latest in their series of shorts for LEGO (the toys, not the game) that have been coming out since last year.

I know, it stars he who shall not be named, but it's testament to M2FILM's talents (and the inherent adorability of LEGO Star Wars) that it's still a great watch regardless.

[via Super Punch]


    Oh man that was epic, my son and I absolutely loved it!!!


    No one let George Lucas see this, or he'll decide to insert the Nameless One into the originals with moar CGI...

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