Reader Reviews: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer

Reader Reviews: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer

I recently finished the single player portion of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and have been considering checking out the multiplayer aspect, so it was perfect timing from Corey Lee, who just sent me this review, which you should now read!

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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer

It seems that delving into someone’s DNA never seems to get old for a gameplay concept? Only a year after the wonderful Assassin’s Creed 2, Ubisoft have returned with Brotherhood, continuing Ezio’s struggle against the Borgia once more in Rome. But the focus of this review isn’t about his Templar vendetta. It’s the multiplayer mode that comes with it. Under the pretense of an Abstergo training program, players become both hunter and hunted in a series of matches as they accumulate points, elude rival players and make that perfect kill.

Crowd Control: Like many RPGs, leveling up in multiplayer unlocks new abilities and perks. For example, Morph is a great way to throw off pursuers around a corner as you turn nearby bots into the same character model as you. However, abilities like Templar Vision would render such a move pointless as you’d be able to tell which bot is the actual player. These elements help give each match a sense of unpredictability as you’re never quite sure what your opponents will throw up against you.

This is Italia: The environments used in multiplayer strongly evoke a sense of nostalgia as many are modeled after locales of AC2. Each location also has its own Chase breakers, obstacles such as lifts and closing gates, to help throw off fellow assassins or make a quick escape. Multiplayer also features that familiar sense of ‘climb-ability’ in which players can make use of high locations for aerial kills or to disorientate opponents. While many may find it annoying chasing someone who is using their environment well, these environments give depth to the gameplay and motivate you to learn them properly in order to target your marks effectively and then escape appropriately.

Sense of Character: There are numerous characters skins to play as in multiplayer. While each one is no stronger or weaker to the other, players like the Harlequin are somewhat more noticeable in a match. Furthermore, each character has their own specific killing animation on assigned targets, an entertaining and satisfying feature to watch.

Synch Problems: The lobby system in this game leaves a lot to be desired. Joining a game can take a while as everyone is randomly assigned to a match and must wait for the needed amount of players. I’ve also entered matches halfway or even later only to find that I have 2 minutes left to kill someone or I’ll end up back in the lobby empty-handed.

Stunned: The ability to stun your pursuers when they’re nearby is a defense against being assassinated but an unreliable one at that. Keep it in mind.

Boring Variations: Wanted is the multiplayer mode which players are most likely to enjoy as it is assassination in its purest and stealthiest form. Manhunt and Alliance modes however seem a bit contrived as the former has players intentionally defenseless against opposing teams while the latter requires you to share kills.

Brotherhood’s multiplayer is essentially something to be admired. It takes the joy of killing others to a new level with its emphasis on disguises and stealth in winning matches and earning points. While many will still experience glitches and bugs as Ubisoft make continuous patches and updates, the multiplayer already before us is something seen to be enjoyed. Or better yet, unseen to be assassinated.

Corey Lee

And while I’ve got you, would anyone be up for doing an Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood community games night this Friday? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Nice write up. I have played a few multi games but I have this thing that I can’t get into multi until I have fully finished the single player. Hopefully by Friday I shall be ready

    JCHenderson xboxlive

    • I’ve got that same rule most of the time for myself but it takes quite a while to start unlocking things u don’t see straight away in single player and ppl hardly ever talk so it’s pretty safe to play through the multiplayer without finishing the single player.

  • I’ve only played a couple of multiplayer matches (been slogging through the story mode), but from what I can tell, people just seem to rush their targets without trying to use stealth effectively. Which is incredibly frustrating to see in a game that should by all rights be played stealthily.

    Hopefully people start playing it properly beyond the low ranks…

    • I’ve had exactly the same experience. Quite a shame.

      Also, am I the only one in the world who hates the compass? I was hoping for something more subtle like the player would have some little difference from the NPC’s and THAT was how you caught them.

      The compass is just… meh.

    • As you level up, people do begin to realise that stupid rushes only get you 100-150 points. pull off a couple of 900 point kills (incognito + hidden + focus get you pretty close) and the running idiots take the hint.

    • It is a bit annoying when u get a bunch of runners in a match. It kind of has a chain reaction which makes things worse. a stealthy player has to run to catch up with a runner, then the person hunting them has to run to catch up then their hunter has to run to catch up with their target and so on. next thing you know, the entire game is filled with ppl running.

      I’ve had quite a few stealthy matches tho. the higher the level of the player the more likely they are to be a stealthy player. anyone over level 20 is usually stealthy.

      the non-stealthy players should eventually leave coz their sick of loosing all the time.

  • My copy is in transit and probably won’t have arrived by Friday. But I might just try to rent it … or do EB still have their 7 day no questions asked returns policy?

    Either way, my XBL gamertag is Batguy

  • What about the obvious “technical difficulties” that seem to pop up nearly every multiplayer session? :\ I’ve lost points and precious time while the clock continues ticking and I’m frozen on screen. It ruins the experience immensely.

  • Nice write-up – pretty much exactly how I feel about it.

    It’s a very new concept, and it’s clear when you play it – there’s a lot of annoying little things that need to be fixed, which I’m sure they will.

    The most annoying part about multiplayer is the idiots that insist on tearing about the maps in full sprint and annihilating their targets. They get bugger all points for it, and it just ruins the experience for everyone else.

    I can’t wait to see where they take the idea, even though it feels like a beta test of multiplayer for the next AC.

  • I think the multiplayer is awesome fun so far. I actually found myself wanting to play it more than the single player at times (at least near the start of single player).

    Definitely agree with the problem about synching.. can take so long to get into a game sometimes. It’s usually better once you’re in though, because most people will hit rematch.

    I’ll usually be up for mp games if I’m online. My live has been screwing up lately for unknown reasons 🙁 Gamertag is Xegek

  • Just me or is it annoying when you clearly get a stun off first yet they suddenely get a kill on you.
    Also, has anyone had a glitch where you get no target at all in game, as i’ve had it happen at start of match and even later on in the middle of a match.

    Btw i play online usually mon tues wed from around 10-4, and fri/sat nights.

    add me if you want, XBL: TechaNinjaa
    i’m an adelaide player btw

    • I totally agree about the stunning. Sometimes I’ll be halfway through what looks like the stun animation, and then suddenly BAM! I’m dead. I really think that if you activate your stun first, a kill should not override it.

      As for not having a target, I’ve gone about 15 seconds without a target mid-game, but no longer than that.

      In general, I’m glad that everyone else feels the same way about the horrible wait time in the lobby. I hate that it keeps waiting for ages, and even if people are very slowly joining, after a while it just stops and looks for a new game. Seriously, the damn thing needs to be patient.

      And I don’t play that much, but for PS3 players out there my PSN name is Tasrayryn.

  • Can’t wait. Wanting to competely finish the single player campaign before jumping into multiplayer. Only hope that AC3 is as good as this 😀

  • Runners are easy to deal with, you don’t chase them, just stand in a crowd and wait for them to run past you. In a crowd of people it’s pretty easy for them to hit a bystander, especially if you use the disguise or smoke bomb and stun them. I’m always looking for games, Live GT: Arnhell

    Not sure if I’m going to get called a douche for critiquing the review but it desperately needs an edit. Corey, if you’re reading this, get some advice on avoiding common writing pitfalls. Your first sentence has the word ‘seems’ twice, and reads like a statement but has a question mark on the end. Also avoid unecessary statements. Most of your first para leads up to the fact the review is about the Brotherhood multiplayer, but given the reviews title that’s all ready clear.

    I write (sucky) reviews (that no one reads) and my earliest attempts at review writing were similar. The best advice I came across was to: 1. read everything you write out loud, preferably to someone else. 2. Less is more, don’t use big words when a more diminuitive selection would suffice. 3. Avoid words that finish in ly, they look and read lazy (totally lazy) and challenge you to come up with a better alternative.

    There are heaps of resources online with free writing advice. Read as much as you can. Hope that all didn’t make me sound like too much of a douche bag.

    • Surely my writing is that bad. Yeah, I was coincidentally playing Brotherhood multiplayer while I was writing this so that might have contributed to a possible lack of quality.

      But still, I write these things for my own enjoyment. Nothing else. And considering that I’ve won the Reader Review of the month twice now (both under Monsieur Goose and Serrels), I know my writing isn’t as bad as you think it is.

      Moving on, I’m up for multiplayer match on Friday as well.

      Add me anyway at XBL:tallkid1234


  • I definately agree that with Cody Pollocks’ comment about how the game feels like a beta testing and I detest the long wait times for setting up matches but in general I am really enjoying the multiplayer.
    The stun ability is no match for a kill when faceing an opponent and that can get real frustrating when on a losing streak but if you stun a pursuer from behind or utilise the smoke bombs then you can easily defend youself.
    Also, my PSN name: naztek

  • Bummer.. I’m lvl 37 and I think I got worse with time.. around lvls 19-23 i was beastly (after a previous crap streak) and my K.D. is 1.00 I think I can do drastically better. I’d be willing to play with some of you and learn a bit. My PSN is Zylerx

  • Oh, and I guess I left out the fact that every match I get into has RUNNERS spamming TEMPLAR VISION. I can’t even feel safe in a crowd these days because I’ll be completely hidden in a morphed crowd, not making a single move, then some douchebag with TV runs up and stabs the crap out of me. Not to mention that I have poor reflexes and have no idea when to throw the smoke bomb, so it always gets wasted.. >_<

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