Ready For Battle

The United States Supreme Court building, Monday night. We'll be inside on Tuesday, covering the Court's first case about video games. It pits California against the game industry over a law that would make the sale of very violent games to kids illegal.


    So whats wrong with this law? We cant sell violent games to kids in Australia either.

    Children should not have access to games like GTA

      Read the link provided in this freakin article. It is about much more than that.

      I definitely agree with you there. However, the actual wording and goals of the case has most of us worried that it will open the way to limit the creativity of games as a whole. I won't talk about it as there are a lot of sources about this (Kotaku should have had an earlier article explaining this), but search around and you'll get why people are concerned about the Supreme Court wanting to hear the case out.

      I think this video from the Escapist's "Extra Credit" will enlighten you.

    this is disgraceful,this will not only effect the gaming the community thousands will lose it is us australians have limited job options in the range of graphics/programing for the gaming comunity because of a dwindling income from video is banned to buy games that are to violant for kidsk, (even if we still do,with parent *supervilion*)this has made australias gaming industry plumit,we have lost over 37% of the profits which would be expected if violant games offer.america is the center of the gaming comunity and a mass ban in california will lead to over cases of this around america therfore putting the american ecconemy in an even worse state,if this is to happen our kids may be safe but our jobs will be!!!

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