READY: Kotaku On Sunrise Tomorrow!

We've mentioned it here on our facebook page (which you should totally join) but we thought we'd let you know that our very own Seamus Byrne will be appearing on Sunrise at 8.15am tomorrow representing Kotaku in a debate on the proposed R18+ rating.

We know it's early, but we reckon it's worth getting up for. This is just the kind of mainstream coverage we reckon this issue needs, and a great opportunity for us to make the strongest argument possible for an R18+ rating.

Good luck to Seamus, although we're sure he won't need it - common sense will surely prevail in this debate!


    Common sense is lacking on Sunrise. :( Best of luck Seamus though!
    Keep in mind, they will probably give you only 2 sentences to get your point out. Thats as hard hitting as Sunrise gets, where-as in reality, they should treat their viewers with a lot more respect, and delve into issues properly, rather than reading some headlines.
    *crosses fingers for Kotaku!

    OH, and totally say hi to Loops on air Seamus!! Or, contain the word "loop" somewhere in your retort and you will then rise to the stature of a true man. And make us all wet ourselves in the process! :D

      So true Qumulys

    I'll probably be already at work by that time. I assume there will be a video link posted tomorrow?

    I don't get up that early, hopefully it'll get on youtube =x

    Good luck Seamus. I predict Mel and Kochie talking about video games will be cringe-worthy.

    I bet the phrase "As a parent" or "As a Mother" will make at least one appearance when trying to justify an opposing stance.

    Would be interesting to watch but I'll be half way to work by then.

    Also taking bets right here that:

    1. No Russian level from MW2 will be shown
    2. Grand Theft Auto 4 will be shown but is referred to as 'Grand Theft Auto'.
    3. Whoever they get to argue against the R rating will know nothing about the R rating.

      Probably too early for morning TV to show footage of that

    Good luck to him. Hopefully he will be nice and prepared, it'd be nice to come across as a rational clear thinker rather than just a gaming enthusiast that doesn't like people discriminating against their hobby.

    I personally don't really like Sunrise as a show, but I do think that they will give him a fair go and offer an unbiased segment.

    damn missed it anychance of a youtube upload

    8.15am is early? I'll be just starting the day at work. I'd be more likely to see it if it was on at 6.30am!

    That's great news. Push that issue Seamus, show those ignorant pollies who's boss.

    "common sense will surely prevail in this debate!" I dunno mang, this is a channel that also airs quality unbiased hard-hitting journalistic pieces on Today Tonight.

      I laughed and cried at the same time.

    I'm normally a Today Show kinda guy, but I guess I can make an exception 'cause it's Seamus...

    Do we know who he is debating against?

    I hope i wake up in time to watch it. I hope I can youtube it if i miss it.

    Breakfast time! I'll set the TiVo for it just in case. I'm hoping that for once our side will be represented in an intelligent, mature and coherent manner....

    Hmmm let me guess they will play the song "Computer Games" then show Pack Man,Asteroids, Mario etc.

    They will still present the entire segment as childish and won't take it serious as restricting our our Liberties and enforcing Censorship.

    We shall see, best of luck.

    any chance you know what time it'll be on in WA?

      Should be on at the same equivalent time for WA. They broadcast the time as part of the show, so it's delayed appropriately. Probably one of the few occurrences where a major TV network actually goes by schedule.

    bahahahah, a gamer... being up between 6 and 9 am.


    I'll be at work by then, but I might have to pop Sunrise on the Foxtel IQ tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, it will be difficult to have an intelligent discussion on that show. Kochie and Mel are Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

    Its pretty hard to take anything on Sunrise seriously...

    Any chance this will be recorded or something and put elsewhere for those who will miss it because of work?

    Good luck Seamus mate! And well done on managing to get this issue the frontage that it certainly deserves and needs if we are to get ourselves out of this ridiculous situation.

    Are you going up against that Sunrise regular nutcase Wendy Francis? Its in the bag then- she couldnt convince anyone that the sky is blue.

    hopefully not one of those debates where one voice of reason is stacked against a panel of people who think video games are for people aged 5-9.

    wait, that's every single 'debate' on channel 7/9.

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