READY Round Up: The Story So Far

As we saw earlier, our very own Seamus Byrne did an amazing job of speaking on behalf of Australian gamers on Sunrise this morning, and we thought we'd take the opportunity to do a quick round up of all the pieces we've been writing on the subject over the past two to three weeks.

If we try and stay informed on the issues, and keep ourselves ready to to spread the word, we may have a chance of helping Australia get the R18+ rating it deserves.

Here are links to all the work we've done in the lead up to the SCAG meeting in December. Happy reading folks, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

READY: General R18+ Are You READY? READY: R18+ Petition Breaks Records READY: R18+ Record Breaking Petition Verified READY: Won't Someone Think Of The Children? READY: The Opposition READY: Writing To Your Representatives

READY: Guest Posts READY: Tripod READY: Grow Up Australia

READY: Mythbusters READY Mythbusters: Children Will Have More Access To Inappropriate Games READY Mythbusters: The Flood Gates Will Open

READY Submissions READY Submissions: Media Classifiers Association Of Australia READY Submissions: Australian Catholic Bishops


    Work forced me to miss the Sunrise broadcast. Has anyone a link to a recording?

      1st link

    Steve0 it's on the original post from yesterday.

      My bad, thanks for that - great article!

    And for more videos and articles at Facebook, anyone interested is welcome to join "R18 Games Australia".

    (Not looking to spam, just a passionate R18 supporter with a FB page who links ALL articles as they come out, Kotaku or otherwise.)

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