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Technically they're our bitter rivals, but we think this is a great initiative: Gamespot has teamed up with Time Out Australia to try and get the R18+ message to the silent majority.

As we mentioned yesterday, a large part of the R18+ debate is awareness. As gamers we're completely across the topic, but the vast majority of Australians are unaware of the situation. Considering that making a big enough noise about the situation is paramount, we think pushing the issue to new audience via Time Out is a great idea.

It's things like this initiative, and Kotaku's appearance on Sunrise, that can help push this debate to a broader audience. If the Attorneys-General get wind of the fact that this is an important issue for Australians they'll be far less likely to push the R18+ situation further down the agenda.

So we'd like to throw it out to you - how can you guys help get the silent majority informed about the R18+ debate? How can we get more people informed? Let us know in the comments below.

Growing Up - The Fight for R18+ Classification [Time Out]


    I know that it isn't the point of the article, but I turned down a job with timeoutsydney because I thought they were start-ups, lol!

    But back OT:
    Simple, get Regular News sources to cover it. Sunrise was a good start, now we need to infiltrate the 6pm news and other such outlets ( anyone?).

    Get public awareness up without having to go campaigning for attention. Simple.

    Public Announcement/Advertising?

    Pitch it to the contestants on The Gruen Transfer?

    I've got a couple tshirts on the topic. I wear them regularly.

    Needs to be discussed in prime time when a significant portion of the population is watching (A Current Affair AND Today Tonight). Not only are mum and dads informed but also the grandparents, etc...

      Going to be hard getting on the right side of those sensationalists... but yeah, that's the target audience.

        Easy, "Do you know what your kids are playing ?"

        Make it a straight beat up that what they are playing is rated adult content everywhere else in the world.

        State specifically that having R18+ will stop ready access to kids. Whether purchasing or mum unwittingly purchasing for them.
        Have footage backing it up. Prove to camera what they just walked out of the store is higher classified elsewhere in the world.

        Then even have an experiment with 2-3 stores consent in same shopping centre, to stop the savvy kid shopper from trying to purchase elsewhere. Put fake R18+ stickers on equivalent rating material overseas. See how many parents at least query the store clerk let alone allow kids to take it off the shelf.

        Then point the finger at the wowsers "these people claim they are protecting the children by opposing having an R18+."

        By not having R18+ your children continue to have access and continue to have uninformed parents purchasing games that are of Adult themes and content and thereby leaving it up to the store clerk to be the parent 9 times out of 10 if ever asked.

        Show normal rental video store of how kids are protected by R18+ and having to show ID, and how their parents wouldnt even consider renting those type of shows for them.

        Ask the question to the wowsers "So your saying that what has worked in Video Rental stores for the past 20 years cant work when applied in retail stores ?

        Show how the ACL doesn't represent all the Christian values of tolerance let alone level headedness and is divided against other established faiths opinions etc.

        Point out how they refuse to accept fact that R18+ will not introduce depiction of Rape etc, and high impact levels of violence has to be in context to be accepted by the classification board let alone accepted by the target market.
        First the game would have to be created by a 24+ month process in the first place. Get snippets of major publishing houses/developers how they wouldnt waste their time on something that wouldn't get approved in the first place, and all violence is in context of the game/story they are creating. Its not there for the sheer sake of it.

        Minor fact statement from the mouth of a shocked parent saying the goverment needs to help inform parents of what is in games just like movies.

        Fade to Black.

    Talk back radio. Lots of people listen to it in their cars while driving and a lot of the hosts are very reasonable people. Like Steve Liebmann (who is retiring unfortunately).

    Go ahead, give them a call and let the people know.

    Working in marketing, Money allows one the power to create awareness, the vast majority of the population doesnt have a vested interest in R18+ games.

    Basically, free PR, viral marketing, lobbying, demonstrations and the likes are your only options unless you are willing to front the bill for a marketing team to devise a media buy that allows for max reach with a low cost per thousand.

    TV wise, you'd probably have a half decent shot of getting it on the 7PM project, too.

      I'd tend to agree with this - the 7pm project is more 'in-depth' (if that's the right word) and less sensationalist than the 6:30 tabloid current affairs shows (ACA and TT). It'd be a more nuanced discussion of R18.

    Well you might as well forget it now, with liberals winning victoria that means one of the only AGs to support the R rating is gone, and you know what they are going to do now, I'll bet seriously 4 grand on this, they will say the new Victorian AG needs time to gain a feeling for the issue so they will delay it until after the december scag meeting until they find god knows whatever reason then to delay it again and so on and so on.

    How about using the Sunday newspaper.

    Take out a full page ad....funded by 'gamers' that puts the message out there.

    Between all sites such as this and also Gamespot etc......getting something together as a gaming community shouldn't be impossible.

    As an ad in Farmville, or some other Facebook game. That would get it out to heaps of people...

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