READY: Take A Time Out

Technically they’re our bitter rivals, but we think this is a great initiative: Gamespot has teamed up with Time Out Australia to try and get the R18+ message to the silent majority.

As we mentioned yesterday, a large part of the R18+ debate is awareness. As gamers we’re completely across the topic, but the vast majority of Australians are unaware of the situation. Considering that making a big enough noise about the situation is paramount, we think pushing the issue to new audience via Time Out is a great idea.

It’s things like this initiative, and Kotaku’s appearance on Sunrise, that can help push this debate to a broader audience. If the Attorneys-General get wind of the fact that this is an important issue for Australians they’ll be far less likely to push the R18+ situation further down the agenda.

So we’d like to throw it out to you – how can you guys help get the silent majority informed about the R18+ debate? How can we get more people informed? Let us know in the comments below.

Growing Up – The Fight for R18+ Classification [Time Out]


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