Remember This?

Alright, you guys have foiled me for the last time.

Can you name this game from just this one super obscure screenshot? I'll update this later this afternoon, but if you get it before then, feel free to chuck on the rose-tinted specs and reminisce.


    Looks almost like a level from 'Wings' for the Amiga (awesome game), but then again it doesn't.

    looks kinda like F15 strike eagle on the PC, but there were at least a dozen of these early-3d flight sims on the PC (late 80's early 90's)

      Aaah... old flight sims, where the ground was green with evenly-spaced black dots (and the sea was blue with white dots) :)

    Radar Lock for the Atari??

    I was going to say F15 strike eagle as well. The dots on the ground kind of remind me of that unplayable mess ;)

    Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator? If so, not looking so advanced these days.

    Main one I remember from back then was F29 Retaliator, I cant remember just how awful it looked though.

    I think its F15 Strike eagle II by microprose

      I can say its not Strike Eagle II, graphics were better on that than this screenshot. Im thinking earlier than F15SEII but no idea.

    I looks like some of the C64 Microprose games like Acrojet... I just can't think of any that would have had an F16 (by the look of it).

    Ahh. Noone told me what it is? C'mon Marky Mark! Please?
    BTW: I was gonna say Dragonfly Master ;)

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