Remember This?

Remember this? Can you guess this game from just a single screenshot? I'll jump back in here later with the correct answer, but if any of you guys guess correctly feel free to reminisce over this classic game.


    Jurassic Park! :D Doesn't look like SNES version... Or maybe it does. I don't remember! Only version I played though.

    Jurassic park snes

    This game made me so much more afraid of raptors.

      As a kid, this game totally confused the crap out of me, never really had much of an idea of where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to be doing...

        You weren't the only one that didn't know what to do in that game - I thought it was great - but never knew where or what to do!

        I remember running out of ammo alot though.

      Raptors are super scary. It's best to be prepared:

    Oooooh man I remember this... No idea where or what but that screen looks so familiar!this is gonna kill me until I know!

    omg Jurassic Park!
    Top down perspective when you're outside...
    FPS when you're inside..

    i hated the T-Rex

    I wish I was the first to comment! But I had exams so I was sleeping and the such. *RAGE*

    I loved Jurassic Park SNES, the challenge was the controls and the objectives which were so wonderfully blurry! XD The game is still in my entertainment room next to my snes.... This game and the Genesis Jurassic Park made me love Dr. Grant as a character so much more.

    I wonder if I ever killed that T-Rex....

    You couldn't kill the T-Rex from memory, only repel it with that dart gun weapon.

    I remember the game had no saves, so every time you played it you started from the beginning. I think a full playthrough when I finally finished it took about 4 hours from start to finish.

    I remember there was a rumor going around that you could some how rescue the kids in the game, it even mentions it in the game manual. I never found them though. Anyone know if the rumor was true or not?

    Yup, Super Nintendo "Jurassic Park." I've copy my copy clean and safe in its box. :-D

    A few other points about it...

    * During the 3D indoor sections you could use the Super NES mouse if it was plugged into slot 2. It was the only game that I had to use it with, apart from Mario Paint!

    * There was (infuriatingly) no save option, so the player had to finish the entire game in one sitting... Something I've still never done. Must get myself a good playguide and do that someday.

    * The Mega Drive got a completely different version of JP... and it sucked.

    Oh god I remember this game used to scare the f**k out of me!

    I would be walking down a grassy pathway the suddenly T-rex.

    I finally fearquit/ragequit after I got up to the raptors.

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