Remember This?

Remember this? Can you guess this game from just a single screenshot? I'll jump back in here later with the correct answer, but if any of you guys guess correctly feel free to reminisce over this classic game.


    Hmm... curious - the face up the top looks like a monkey and his name appears to be George.

    Donkey Kong!

    Nah, no idea. :/

    Curious George : The case of the zombie child abductors.

    Friday the 13th on the NES I think.

      I think you're on the money. :)

      Yep I second this one, I remember seeing it here:

    sadly that is the horrible friday the 13th for NES, let us all try and forget about that game

    I would rather not reminisce this game... I would prefer to forget about it forever.

    I must try and hunt a copy of this out for my retro game collection of shame. Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game and Superman 64 are lonely!

    Oh GEEBUS no, not that game.

    It is Friday the 13th for NES! What a fun, albeit repetitive soundtrack. Can't get enough of throwing rocks at yellow muppets that come out of the ground.

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