Remember This?

Can you guess this 'classic' game from just a single screenshot? Let me know in the comments below, and if someone manages to get it super quickly, feel free to reminisce on this awesome title.


    Looks like Cruis'n World to me!

      It is indeed Cruizin World! The below-par successor to Cruizin USA :)

      Crusin World, and the track is Hawaii.

      Good old N64 fun, loved the jumps, a barrel-roll is always the best solution!

    is it chase hq?

    i use to love that game...

    now i have fallen in love with this rageHD

    low-productivity friday FTW!

    Not being able to tell the difference, and seeing someone guess Cruis'n World already, my guess is Cruis'n USA.

    I don't know Cruisin' World, but that definitely looks like a sequel to Cruisin' USA so I'll go with that. I played Cruisin' USA to DEATH back on the N64.

    I want to say crusin USA but I am wrong I am sure.

    Rush? not the first one though the hud is different, but the radar on the right is the same, rush 2? or LA Rush? i didn't play that one.

    That has to be Cruisin' something. USA or World, one of the two. I put my bets on World, I remember USA's interface being even more streamlined than that.

    Cruis'n world USA!

    Cruin'n USA for 64?

    Cruisin' World N64, Hawaii, Serpent. :P

    Yeah, I knew that Viper knock-off wasn't in the original game.

    San Fransisco Rush was another pretty fun game, one of the first I remember spending time in with a friend just looking for 'secret' stuff.

    This brings back the memories, definitely Cruisin' World. Looks like the dodge viper or similar car, I remember you could somehow do flips in this game as well, and upgrades... Damn! I need to dig this game up :P


    Finally I can answer one of these damn things. Cruising World on the N64.

    The 'Sardine Extreme' was the bomb

    I think this is the very first of these I've ever known

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