Report: Elder Scrolls V Is A Direct Sequel To Oblivion

According to a report on Eurogamer Denmark, Elder Scrolls developers Bethesda are already hard at work on a fifth episode in the storied role-playing series.

"[Our]source not only confirmed that the game is in current production, but also spoke briefly about the content — with fantasy-sounding phrases like Dragon Lord, something with The Blades — and that voice acting for the characters in the game is currently happening in the weeks to follow", Eurogamer Denmark's boss Kristian West says.

"The same source confirmed, with official game documents in hand, that this will be the chronological sequel to what happened in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is the latest game in the now 16-years-old Elder Scrolls saga and by itself one of the better RPGs for PC and consoles."

Interesting. Having been teased in novels and yearned for in rap songs, it would be good news indeed if Bethesda — whose last outing was Fallout 3 — was returning to Oblivion's more inviting landscapes.

The atomic wastelands have a charm of their own, sure, but there's something about rolling fields and a blue sky that just makes you want to really live in a game world.

Rumour: Elder Scrolls 5 in the works [Eurogamer]


    I hope they arent using the same engine. If so, i aint gonna buy it, that engine is so bad....

      It isn't bad, it's old. It's like a grandfather, every now and then it'll make a smell that will kill everything in the room, but the experience you can gain from listening to it's ramblings about potatoes is immense.

      Bethesda need to put the engine out to pasture and use what they've learnt from it to create a far better one, rather than patch the holes that the requirements that new games need are creating.

        No no, Sarcaz is right. If they use that engine again I'm going to kill the development team with a rake.

        Of at least I'd like to, but there is a good chance I'll freeze when I enter the building, while I'm in the building or on my way to the building. Or the enemies will somehow disappear through the walls. No doubt anyone I bring with me will be lost on the way because they can't traverse some pebbles or they will get themselves killed because they figured rather then taking the steps they should run around the building past all the deathclaws.

        Me? Bitter about New Vegas? No. Never.

        Ezekiel you are my new favourite human.

        People get too caught up in the whole new game engine thing. Why can't they just update the old and work out all the bugs so I don't have reload my crashing game?

        I feel the same way about mobile phones, why can't I just buy one that lasts? Why do I need internet whereever I go?

    Yeah, I'm all for this, but time for a new engine, guys.

    Ah bugger, who am I kidding? I'll buy it even if it's on the old engine. And so will you. Yes, even you.

      Yeah. Damn you Bethesda for making such awesome RPGs.
      But please, please, use a new engine...

    Goddam i was just thinking about this so nice to finally have confirmation its being worked on, also i think its pretty obvious that they wont use Gamebryo again, its just far far too limited, now we just have to hope they scrap the leveling system and buy the rights to use CryEngine 3 :D

    I hope it isn't a direct sequel, the series hasa history of telling entirely different stories every time. Also I could go a little more abstract style scenery ala Morrowind, Oblivion just looked to generic after a while.

      Chronological sequel doesn't necessarily mean that it's picking up the story right where Oblivion left off. What it means is that' the next numbered game in the series. It won't be a prequel, an expansion or one of the "TES Travels" games that they've been putting out. It will be TES V, but they're not going to just continue the story from Oblivion. Besides, they didn't just pick up where they left off in previous games. Why would they start now?

      I believe the first place to run the story misinterpreted the meaning and everybody else is just copying the story, mistakes and all.

        I hope you are right. Sounds plausible. I agree with Korwin as well.

    'course there'll be a new engine, no doubt they've been working on it for the last couple of years since Fallout 3 (probably why Obsidian did New Vegas).

      There's not going to be a new engine, just a revised version of Gamebyro (again).

      "Howard wouldn't be drawn on many details about the game, but said the technology was derived from the engine that powered Fallout 3, albeit with significant modifications."

      Take "significant" for what it will - I think its being invoked in the Molyneuxian sense of the word.

        Kudos purely for your use of Molyneuxian.

    Crap. Now I've got to go finish IV.

      Same. The first time I played Oblivion, I got burnt out on all the side quests. And now every time I try to pick it up, I spend half the night trying to figure out what mods I should install, and throw my hands up in defeat and go play something else...

    I REALLY hope it's not in the Imperial Province again. There's so many more places to choose from and the boring boring boring landscapes and culture (at least compared to Morrowind) were the biggest issues I had with IV.

      The border between Elsweyr and Valenwood would be a fantastic region. Or you could expand this to encompass the west of Black Marsh. Then you'd have vast expanses of desert and savannah, Persian/ancient Arabic architecture, lush rainforests, the most hostile swamps imaginable, all kinds of environments.

      That quote is a little confusing, isn't it? I hope they give the Imperial province the boot and take us somewhere new. Morrowind was so much better story-wise and had more interesting aesthetics.

      I liked the setting, scenery, etc. But after spending over 200 hours in it, I don't need to go back for another 200.

      I wonder how "direct" is direct i.e. if it's set in the same place, immediately after the events of the previous game, it'd be a bit too familiar. Although maybe they'd let you import your Oblivion character and raise the level cap by another 50 or so :)

      Of course I'd be absolutely gutted in that case because my PS3 died and I lost my 200+ hour save game, so I wouldn't have a character to import even after putting in all that effort :(

    If it's a direct sequel, wouldn't that make it Elder Scrolls IV-2?
    Or do only Final Fantasies come up with such odd numbering systems?

      No, because putting a number after a roman numeral is painfully retarded.


        Is it?
        I find it painfully retarded that people don't know a joke when they see it...

    So, I'm wondering, whats wrong with the gamebyro engine? It seems to work fine and look great in titles like civ revolution, warhammer online, etc, seems to be no issues with normal maps, lighting and general speed for example.

    Or is it the artistic direction of the elder scrolls and fallout series with the slightly creepy looking people with glazed over eyes that everyone hates that uncanny valley look - if you change the engine but keep the style the same, odds are that everyone will hate the look just as much.
    In any case I'm hoping they go with a bit more of a stylised and less washed out look, like borderland for instance and make sure that the idea of 'enemies leveling up with you to keep a constant challenge' disappears as it really hurt the latter part of oblivion, I want areas that are way too hard and only for high level characters - need a challenge, as a gamer i also want areas that are very easy - makes you feel powerful, if its all the same then it becomes monotonous and boring.
    Come to think of it, less dungeons but with more substance and not all items completely random would be great - like the boots of blinding speed in morrowind, anyway i think they're on the verge of a truly inspiring game, just gotta change the look a little and fix gameplay issues.

      Bethesda has spent years simply pasting features over the top of their very first implementation of Gamebyro that was used in Morrowind, hence it feels dated as hell. It doesn't help that Morrowind already felt kind of dated at the time.

    But will it be multiplayer?

    Obviously I'm joking, but I can dream, can I not?

    Couldn't they use an id engine? I mean, they do work together now don't they?

    Oblivion is probably an RPG I can probably never officially finish.
    Praying for a much improved and updated game engine in the V...

    Question is can they ship a game that is freaking glitchy as f**k - probably not. Especially if they use the same engine.
    Yeah gameplay is probably most important with controls etc... but graphics in this generation are actually important.
    I dont wanna play a crutty arse game on a HD tv - it shows how bad it is even more, so yer graphics are actually quite important.

    ES V with cryengine, or even the new unreal engine.
    yeah i knw it aint gona happen

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