Report: Gears Of War Getting Kinect Control

Epic Games' beefed up Xbox 360 shooter series may be adding a little motion control to its Locust-chainsawing action, according to one report that says Gears of War is getting Kinect enabled.

IGN claims that a "reliable source" has indicated to the publication that some type of Gears of War experience with Kinect support will be unveiled at next month's Spike TV Video Game Awards, where new, exciting announcements tend to happen. Whether that might mean Gears of War 3 or an all-new entry in the series IGN does not specify.

Last year, when Kinect was still known as Project Natal, Gears of War series designer Cliff Bleszinski said motion controls were "not the kind of thing you tag onto a game like that", referring to the then-unannounced Gears of War 3. But the B also said Kinect was "another amazing way that we can expand the gaming experience to a wider audience and enhance what's already there".

While it seems highly unlikely that a Gears of War game would be playable with Kinect's brand of hands-free gaming, it's certainly possible that it could use some of the sensor's features - like voice recognition - to "enhance" the experience.

We'll know for sure in less than a month. The Spike TV VGAs will be taped on December 11 in Los Angeles.

Rumor: Gears of War Coming to Kinect [IGN]


    If it's just voice recognition couldn't you do something similar with just a headseat i.e. Kinect isn't necessary for that? I think even one or more of the SOCOM games on PS2 may have actually managed that? Aalthough I didn't actually play any of them myself so I could be wrong...

    Maybe they'll have menus that you can navigate with motion control, which seems a bit pointless when you're sitting there with a controller in your hand anyway.

    Okay... if they do add this then I will really consider getting a Kinect. Since its Gears of War.

      Gears 3 could just be the killer app that Kinect needs.

    I wouldn't mind the OPTION to stand up out of my chair occasionally to mock chainsaw an opponent.

    If I remember the stupid fun had with Wii boxing I can imagine this in split screen Vs matches to be awesome (for a bit then back to the real gaming).

    This is a bad idea...unless its Gears of War 3 Dance Edition

      I'm not a fan of dance games but I would pay good money for that.

      Cole hosts a dance off against the locust to settle the war once and for all.

      Thats so insane that I'd actually have a go of it

    Definitely would explain why it got such a long delay when it was already finished.

    Head bob to enter cover?

      I'm gonna get sore (/ fit) going prone all the time.

    Well, according to Dude Huge's twitter:!/therealcliffyb/status/4387793136525312!/therealcliffyb/status/4226336549769216

    Total Garbage how do you shoot, reload, move, take cover, aim, select weapon, throw grenade, pause etc etc?

    It wasn't created so designers could finally create the games they wanted.
    It was a technology driven by eggheads who asked, hey what can we use this for?

    When I come home I want to relax, the last thing I want is to jump around like some idiot.

    Why don't we all watch TV the same way? you need to wave your arms around and continue to wave your arms around to play, hold hands up to pause etc. hmmm so much fun.

      Wow you should like totally work for MSFT or Apple becasue you're such a visonary knowing what everyone wants.

      How about instead of your rant that has been said a million about Kinect and Wii you just don't purchase it. I doubt your posturing will stop them from releasing...oh yeah it's already sold 1 million units. Go away.

      Do you really think they would tack it on if it wasn't going to be easy to use and actually benefitted the game?

      Also you probably don't need to get your knickers in such a knot. It almost certainly wouln't be mandatory as not everyone who buys gears will want kinect and MS/Epic won't want to cut out more than half their market by making kinect mandatory.

      Kinect isn't Move or Wii Rob,

      It tracks the body, not the remote.
      You can still hold and use a controller, whilst using your body for other actions.

    I LOVE that stock Kinect picture mock up you guys did. I can totally imagine the advert with the girl smiling and laughing like they do in those cheesy adverts with her choking a locust on screen or something to soothing music.

    fail much...

    Immediately I thought you could use it to point and your squad to move to various cover positions.

    But putting aside kinect the real control innovation Gears needs is to seperate the controls for taking cover/vaulting and running/rolling

    i think they are gonna use the contoller like they did for older gears of wars but have mini games like kill the zombie with a imaginary chainsaw.
    how cool would that be
    i already got the kinect so i think it a good idea

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