Robin Williams Plays Xbox LIVE!

Robin Williams has been doing the rounds in the media over the last couple of days, and during an interview on Sunrise this morning, he totally admitted that his one major addiction these days is video gaming - and he plays online! Plus he also has issues with whiny 11-year-olds!

You can check it out below - fast forward to 2:35 for the good stuff.

Thanks to Seamus's mother in-law for the tip!


    It's not unexpected. He was an admitted Quake junkie back in the day.

    Robin Williams is funny as hell.

    I kinda expected that he's a gamer since he named his daughter Zelda XD

    God I hate Koshie and the sunrise crew. Australian TV is so crap.

      If Australian TV is so crap what is Robin Williams doing on it? Better than listening to some American who urgently sounds like he needs his sinuses drained. You Bigot!

      Some Americans and even Englanders can be such ignoramouses. Then the reverse is true so can Aussies. I hear all sorts of racism and bigotry between Aussies, Yanks and Limeys.

      Come on guys, we all cousins. We should be giving people who can't speak english at all sh*7.
      Not each other, my brethren.

        Reading comprehension ftl.. and here he is bagging out nonenglish speakers.

        Calling americans and the english ignoramouses then goes on to promote "brotherhood" amongst the three.. oh the irony.

        Keep your racist remarks to yourself.

          Ahh. Blow me mr, common chinese surname with a western first name man. I was promoting brotherhood between english speakers. I never said english speaking asians with very common asian last names sometimes prounounced "ing" and written as "ng" couldn't join in. I know your feeling left out so you can join us pasty bastards all you want. And I never said I wasn't also a hypocrite, you just don't understand what "shit-stirring" is all about. My language is meant as terms of endearment. But thats very hard to pick up my meaning via plain text.

          Learn the nuances of english a little more yourself before you want to tear holes in what people say on-line. And may I stress the on-line part which is an unfiltered media in which people exact meaning can be interpreted in many ways for example. If I was to call my Dad a "Stupid Old Bastard" meaning people would think I'm being hostile when if they actually heard my tone they'd understand that I'm actually being affectionate but it a manly way. If you want to be a poof and talk to your friends and family with proper grammar that's fine. Each to their own, I don't care who uses ya bum.

          Just don't talk like you aren't full of shit yourself. I am being bluntly honest. Not two faced like you. Racist swings both ways. As per my example above, I could say alot of racist things about you for being asian. I choose not to because I'm from Canberra and grew up with Asians. My best friend was from the phillipines, I had Chinese and Japanese friends. The chinese are one of the most respectful and courteous people on the planet. And I'm tell them that if I could speak Chinese.

          I'm just saying. If you speak English who really gives a shit where you are from. Don't be a typical wanker ready to scream racist everytime someone has a view that differs from yours or is a bit more forthright. If anything your the racist, you just can't see it cause you spend your time looking for it in everyone else when really it's right in your mirror.

          from some pasty white sterotypical Aussie
          whom I'm sure this person could see
          draped in an aussie flag, getting pissed and
          beatn anyone foreign. cause like the racist he pretends not to be, thats how he see's us.

          At least I'm honest. And am direct, I don't hide behind conformist wank and poltical correctness.

        I think he was referring to the quality of the show, and other Australian TV shows that aren't his piece of cake. Please get off your soap box - this wasn't anything to do with race, ethnicity or otherwise.

        Wow, for a post damning ignorance, I have never read such a comment full of the same ignorance. How ironic. He's on television for promotional purposes. Just because he is on the show does not mean the show is of a high quality. Sunrise is shit, the hosts annoying, especially weekend sunrise with andrew o queef. Don't call me brethren, because I refuse to be associated with such a hypocritical dumbass as you. Do the country a favour and off yourself, or at least never reproduce.

      OZ TV sucks the big one,especially Sunrise.
      I can't stand those douche bags!

    I was lured here under false pretences. I was under the impression that there would be a live streaming video of Robin Williams, playing his xbox.

    A lot of comedians do get it bad like that. It's a shame that some people don't understand that many of em are in character on stage and aren't "on" like that all the time. Another great example is Stephen Colbert. But anyways, "I own you bitch!", I lost my shit there.

    Whiny 11yos?

    So he plays Reach or CoD

      Correction, every game with a sizable audience and mic options. They're everywhere, like a terrible disease. I think they call it humanis procreatus.

    "You got owned bitch!" So true

    And MEL is Hot as , as if u horny little american geeks who cant get girls wouldnt want to do her, what a milf!

    Shes only had 1 kid. she could push out 10 more and still be as hot.

    Whiny 11yos?

    So he plays Reach or CoD

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