Rock Band 3’s Real Guitar Finally Priced And Dated

Rock Band 3’s Real Guitar Finally Priced And Dated

Fender’s real electric guitar that doubles as a Rock Band 3 controller is coming next year, according to the guitar maker. You’ll get your hands on the Squier Stratocaster controller in March 2011… if you can pony up the cash.

The price for the Squier controller is an impressive $US279.99, according to the company’s official website. Pre-orders for the expert-class controller open January 1, 2011, with the Stratocaster shipping March 1. A new video at the official Fender site shows off just how the thing works.

Peripheral maker Mad Catz has already released the Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang Pro-Guitar Controller, an option that features 102 buttons on the guitar neck and six string sensors. It lists for $US149.99.

Rock Band 3 competitor Power Gig: Rise of the SixString was released earlier this month with its own guitar/controller combo. Here’s what we thought of that effort.

If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in Rock Band 3, the Squier Stratocaster controller may be your best bet – especially if you’re serious about actually playing music with the thing.

Rock Band 3 [Fender – Thanks Nick and David!]


  • Dude, I can’t find diddley-squat about Rock Band 3 online at EB or JB. Nothing about instrument bundles. Yet whenever another Guitar Hero trundles along, BLAM! Advertisements galore.

    • There are no bundled packs for RB3 from the publisher. Keyboard and other instruments are a separate purchase from the game. Probably due to the fact that RB3 will work with all guitar controllers previously released.
      Instruments can be imported from the US pretty cheap at the moment due to the exchange rate. I got my keyboard in 5 days from Barnes and Noble in the US for $112. The full drum kit EB are selling for $288 is only about $165 if you import as well…
      Guitar Hero need to advertise – their games have been rubbish since Harmonix left to make Rock Band.

  • Who knows if it will even be available in AUS though. I emailed Fender Australia about it and they think that retailers will be selling it. But I highly doubt retailers will choose to sell an actual, non-plastic guitar…

  • i was expecting $300-$400 usd
    so this is really nice.
    plus shipping we should get it for $350ish

    much better than the $600 i was dreading (though still likely for aus)

  • Might as well learn to play the real thing, rip-off and a half, and also consider, when you do buy it, whats the chances you will be able to play with GH?

  • Due to delays in shops getting stock of the PS3 instruments, horrendous price gouging and the like. I now have the keyboard, midi interface and Mustang Pro on order from Amazon.Com

    Even including priority post all these things are FAR cheaper that the ‘off the self’ prices here.

    I hope music stores like Allen’s will stock the Fender, but i expect it will make more sense to grab this from the states too.

    Also EB doesn’t stock any of these items ( special order only) yet for the midi interface and the guitar they have an exclusive deal?? What is the point of securing an exclusive deal if you are not interested in selling those items?

    • No you can’t.
      The reason it’s more expensive is that it’s basically the real guitar, but then with fancy technology added, allowing the game to determine what strings you have held down, when you strum, etc.

      Plus it has to interface with the console.

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