Rockford Gets Super-Sized In Boulder Dash XL

First Star Software teams up once again with Catnip Games to bring the robotic Rockford back for another round of diamond-digging in Boulder Dash XL for Windows PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

Boulder Dash has been in First Star Software's hands since the original PC game was released back in 1984. Now the developer brings back Rockford once more for another big score, and while Mining Robot BD25 might be a far cry from the original Rockford, he's definitely up to the task of unearthing diamonds while racing against the clock, avoiding hordes of enemies and, of course, getting out of the way of falling rocks.

Developed in partnership with Catnip Games, which worked with First Star previously on Boudler Dash RCOKS! for the DS and PSP, Boulder Dash XL features more than 150 levels spread across four different worlds and five game modes: Arcade, Puzzle, Zen, Time Challenge and Retro Mode, featuring 25 old-school puzzles.

All this wrapped in an attractive new art style and packaged up for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade by Kalypso Media.

"Boulder Dash has always held a special place in the hearts of retro-gamers, and now, we're very pleased to be bringing a modernised version to Xbox LIVE Arcade and Windows PC," said Simon Hellwig, global managing director of Kalypso Media. "First Star Software and Catnip Games are great partners, and we expect gamers will definitely love their modernised take on a beloved classic."

I look forward to revisiting the classic franchise whenever Kalypso plans on releasing this. You can never have too much Boulder Dash.


    Hell yes!

    Loved playing Boulderdash on the old Amstrad back in primary school, hopefully this will be as good :-)

    I used to LOVE Boulder Dash! I spent hours on that game (even in the gloriours 4 colours of a CGA graphics adapter).

    Day 1 purchase for me.

    OMG, I loved the old PC Rockford!!!4 You really had to nail down the timings and further in it gets super hard remember how to solve it, but well worth a go.

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