Rumour: Resident Evil In The Hands Of SOCOM Team

Following in the trail blazed by Dead Rising 2, the next Resident Evil game may come from the Great White North. SOCOM developer Slant Six Games may be the latest studio tapped by Capcom to create its games.

A document forwarded to Kotaku indicates that a new, team-based Resident Evil game is currently in development at Slant Six. The developer is responsible for SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation for the PlayStation 3 as well as two iterations for the PSP, Tactical Strike and Fireteam Bravo 3.

When contacted for comment, publisher reps said, "Capcom does not respond to rumours and/or speculation."

Slant Six Games writes on its official web site that it is currently in development on "an amazing new project" that is unannounced. That project is being developed in conjunction with a "new publishing partner on a world class franchise." Several Slant Six current and former employees list an unannounced "multiplayer action game" for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on their LinkedIn profiles.

In March of this year, Slant Six solicited work for a "Japanese translator/interpreter".

Capcom has looked outside of Japan for help on some of its better known franchises, including GRIN (Bionic Commando), Ninja Theory (Devil May Cry) and Blue Castle Games (Dead Rising 2), another Vancouver-based studio that had its zombie project leaked well in advance.

Thanks for the heads up, Hawk.


    IF this is true, then CAPCOM need their heads kicked in...

    Resident Evil 5 wasn't all that flash, now moving it to Slant Six? SOCOM Confrontation was craptastic and I wouldn't have any faith they could return Resident Evil back to the glory days.

    Its with the Socom Team huh...
    I wonder if we will have to wait 9 months after the US for its release.

    I just finished reading the Inafune interview and then read this...interesting.

    Maybe it'll have decent controls, for once.

      What? Like moving and shooting at the same time?
      Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, thats too hard, no one will ever like it anyway.

    Say goodbye to the Resident Evil Franchise, it was good at the start and now contracted cancer just dying slowly and painfully.

      I did that when resi 4 came out, loved it but so different.

      You obviously didn't play the games. A better analogy would be: The franchise has caught the T-Virus and is dying a painful death.

        That would also mean it trys to eat other franchises!

    In the hands of people who made Socom Confrontation? ...well crap.


    Oh wait, sorry, wrong article.

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