Russian Women: Game Developers Have Dirty Hair

From "freaks with long dirty hair" and "ordinary people" to "young" and "archaeologists but with computers" and "crumbs in their bears", the women of St Petersburg, Russia, tell casual game developer Nevosoft what they think game developers look like. Freaks, sure, but archaeologists?!

Phew, good thing they didn't ask them what bloggers look like!

Thanks Vlad!


    HEY! I wash at least once a week, and I regularly eat the crumbs out of my beard!

    Sounds like they just described Chris Sigaty and Sam Didier.

    I was wondering why i hadn't received any hits on *changes occupation to App Developer*.

    How insulting! I wash my bear once a week and brush him daily to ensure that his coat is always smooth, shiny, well-groomed and crumb-free.

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