See God Of War's Atlantis Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Players of God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP may have already visited the water world of Atlantis, but Sony Santa Monica reveals that undersea environment was originally planned for God of War II.

Sony Santa Monica level designer Johnathan Hawkins shows off the Atlantis that didn't make the cut in the PlayStation 2 sequel in this new video, a rare look at the discarded guts of a major video game. Hawkins walks players through what could have been in this commentary feature, which sadly will never be.

If you're motivated to play through God of War II again, it recently became available as a download in the God of War HD Collection on Sony's PlayStation Store.

God of War Collection: Lost Atlantis Level Revealed []


    Lol, I had a whole nerdgasm there when I saw he was using Maya... not sure why though lol.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's on my end or not, but does anyone else have problems with the video? Not as in it wont play, more like it plays fine, but the video will drastically slow down to about 2 frames per second unless I'm constantly moving my mouse cursor over the video? It's getting quite annoying.

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