See Kinect’s Thousands Of Points Of Invisible Light

See Kinect’s Thousands Of Points Of Invisible Light

Kinect works by projecting infared light throughout the room it's situated in. Under normal circumstances, it's invisible, but switch to night vision mode and you can actually see the dots floating around your living room.

Kiwi reader Cullen sends us this footage that, while a little tough to make out at first (he's having to film through an external night vision device, since his camera can't do it on its own), enters the realm of fantasy land around 1:00 in.

You can actually see the infared dots Kinect uses to detect movement, and even more interestingly, can see the very definite limits of the device's range.

If you've picked up Kinect, or even just see one in a store and someone asks "how the hell does it work", well, now you really know.


  • Very cool. I would like to see if someone could do this with a slightly better night vision camera and a wider lens to give a better idea of the area that it hits. It would give a much better idea of the range on the kinect.

    • Tell me you realise how many devices and remote controls use infrared in your house already.

      Now add in mobile, wi-fi, commercial traffic, radio, TV etc.

      If you could see the spectrum of wavelengths our world would be insanely saturated in things we cannot see.

      Thank god Australian has very strict controls for this sort of thing. Relax Australia is one of the most regulated countries for this sort of stuff.

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