Sega Promotes Awareness Of Endangered Hedgehogs By Being Cruel To Them

Britain's hedgehog population is in crisis, with many falling victim to roadkill. Sega staged a "hedgehog road crossing" to raise awareness of the creatures, and, of course, Sonic colours. Here one's fitted with red booties. Seen via Daily Mail.


    haha you do have to admit, it's kinda cute.

    Awesome post title too :P

    The comedy of errors that is Sega's marketing department never dissapoints!

    Sega, see the point, way, waaaay over their in the distance behind you, that's right, you missed it, in fact you were facing the wrong way to begin with.

    1...2...3... naww

    im surprised they didn't throw blue paint on the hedgehog. Look at those little eyes... SAFLKNFKLNSF

    Cute. But... should have been little gloves. Otherwise Sonic has 4 legs.

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