Setting Up And ‘Tuning’ Your Xbox 360 Kinect

Setting Up And ‘Tuning’ Your Xbox 360 Kinect

Setting up your Kinect array of cameras and microphones doesn’t take too long, but it’s much more involved than setting up the Wii or PlayStation move.

This video walks you through the initial set-up process and then some of the fine tuning you can do if you run into problems.


  • I lol’d when it was configuring the mic, saying “please be as quiet as possible” as the kinect setup is constantly clapping to ruin the quietness. xD

    Hopefully there’ll be option for “Please hold your clapping until the end” in a later update. I could see that driving my brother nuts

    • Well, the whole point of that calibration stage is to measure the feedback from the television/amplifier’s speakers. In particular, the delay and any echoes.

      That way it can determine what noises are being generated by the game and cancel them out before trying to do any speech recognition.

  • We just bought the new 250GB Xbox bundle. If you’re buying one, and you have a HD TV, you’ll also need to buy an XBOX HD AV cable otherwise your HD doesn’t work and the graphics are crap.

    Also, if you’re buying Kinect alone to use on an older XBOX, the standard cord is not a standard USB and you have to separately buy a special connector.

    Typical Microsoft!

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