Shogun 2: Total War Returns To Japan In March

The bow monks have notched their arrows, the boats have been launched, and the footmen are stirring nervously in anticipation of the newly-revealed March release date for Sega's Shogun 2: Total War.

Drawing on the wisdom of Master Sun Tsu and the experience of doing these sorts of games for more than a decade, The Creative Assembly comes full circle on March 15 with the release of Shogun 2: Total War for the PC. The game brings the series back to the setting that launched the Total War franchise back in 2000, with an updated engine that makes the original game look like I drew it with crayons.

Enjoy the latest screens for the game while we wait four months to see if our computers can actually handle the amazing visuals CA has been pumping out.


    Man i seriously need a new pc - this looks so awesome that it make my loins quiver uncontrollably!

    Ooohhhh the water...

    were gunna need a bigger graphics card!


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