Sly 4 Teased In Sly Collection Trailer

A teaser trailer has been discovered in Sly Collection, which hit streets Nov. 10, and it seems rather definite that a Sly 4 sequel is coming. When? Well that's probably what the question mark's all about.

Reader tatermoog filmed the trailer and stuck it on YouTube. It seems to be an unlockable but he's not sure what triggered it. He writes:

Just finished collecting every single trophy in the Sly Collection (including the minigames), and noticed there was a new option under the "Credits" slot in the main menu. Tried it out, and much to my delight, it was a teaser trailer for Sly 4. Not sure how it unlocked (if the GoW Collection was any indicator, it was probably platinuming all three games).

He adds, "I hope Mike Fahey is as excited as I am." We're sure he is, tatermoog. We're sure he is.

[thanks Dave P., Nick S., JohnoBoy and WhatTheFrag for the tips, also.]


    This is good news, the Sly games are very cool and well worth the price of admission...

    Buy the Collection come December 2nd... you have been told! ;)

    Last week it was a DKC release date, this week its a Sly 4 Teaser. If next week Naughty Dog announce a new Jak & Daxter I'm pretty sure I'll die of excitement.


      That, and star wars battlefront 3
      something tells me ND is too busy with a certain charming rogue though.

    I would love a new Jak and Daxter, loved the whole series. Wasn't too impressed with the new frontier though(it wasn't by naughty dog)

    Best news all day, and wasn't it originally teased (or hinted) in Infamous? Even if so, i wouldnt expect it to hit our shores till late 2011 if not early 2012. Can't wait to get the sly collection


    I developed ANOTHER mouth, simply to smile with it.

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