Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gets Prettied Up For The PlayStation 3

City Interactive brings the head exploding fun of Sniper: Ghost Warrior to the PlayStation 3 next year, with updated graphics and plenty of exclusive content for Sony sniping fans.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior saw mostly mediocre reviews, but people bought it anyway because it's a game dedicated to one of the gaming world's most enjoyable pastimes: Blowing holes in people from far away. City Interactive calls the Xbox 360 and PC launch of the game successful. Apparently did well enough to warrant a PlayStation 3 release as well.

But City Interactive isn't just porting the game to the PlayStation 3. They're updating the title with plenty of new content to go along with the "fully upgraded gameplay and graphics".

PS3 players will score exclusive singleplayer missions, bonus multiplayer maps and exclusive new sniper rifles, including the L96 and M200 Intervention.

Sniper rifles have such lovely names.

On top of that, there'll also be new multiplayer modes (including Capture the Flag) and a Hard Core difficulty mode that will put players' sniping skills to the ultimate test.

"Sniper: Ghost Warrior was our most ambitious project to date and although it was extremely well-received by players, we wanted to ensure that the PS3TM version took the franchise to a higher level," said Marek Tyminski, CEO of City Interactive. "With exclusive content and modes, we are eager to introduce the best sniper game on the market to PS3TM owners sometime in Q1 next year."

It certainly looks better. Here's hoping it plays better too.



    The 360 version was so broken that it was actually completely unplayable. Nobody should care about these graphics unless they fixed the damn enemy AI.

    It may be dedicated to sniping, but was no where near worth the money. The game is completely broken. Singe player was terrible with AI being, essentially, super soldiers. And neither me or my friends could connect to a multiplayer server (which we mainly bought the game for), and from reading the steam forums, most people ran around with grenades and pistols rather than actually sniping.

    Waste of space, no one should buy this.

    Can you quickscope?

    And thanks to this article, I'll never pick up the 360 version :)

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