So, How Many Consoles Have Been Sold In The US This Generation?

Ever wonder how many Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles have been sold in the USA over the past six years? Allow Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to fill you in.

Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets Annual Digital Entertainment Conference in New York, Fils-Aime revealed that since launching in 2004, the Nintendo DS has sold 43.1 million units. The PSP? 17.7 million. The Wii, meanwhile, has sold 30.4 million, ahead of the Xbox 360 with 21.9 million and the PS3 with 13.5 million.

Note he's not pulling these numbers off the top of his head; as a publisher, Nintendo pays for sales data, and this is one of the rare instances that data is shared outside of a financial report.

Fils-Aime: Holidays More Important To Nintendo Than Rivals [Gamasutra]


    Both PS3 and Xbox360 sales will increase with Moves and Kinect, while Wii sales will decrease with lack of multimedia and HD features.

    As for DS, i still wonder why the sales is so high... I guess majority of US parents must have bought 1 for each kids...

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