So How's The DS Version Of Sonic Colors Shaping Up?

We've been impressed by what we've seen so far of the Wii version of Sonic Colors. How does the DS version look? Pretty colourful.

Could there be two good Sonic Games in stores on November 16? I'm not sure my heart could handle it. I started off preordering Sonic Colors on the Wii for the nifty hat, but now I'm actively looking forward to playing.

And then there's the DS version, which I haven't paid much attention to until Sega released this trailer earlier today. Might have to put my money down there as well.

Anyone else have their hopes up for next week?


    Didnt really have any plans to get the Wii version, thought id wait and actually see how it turns out. But man, the DS version is looking kinda fun. Might have to be a purchase

    Kinda distracting how the DS never seems to stay still - almost seems like they are hiding something..

    DS and Wii games both scored 8.5 on IGN. In Aus if you preorder from ebgames(it releases here tomorrow) you don't just get the Sonic hat, you also get a Sonic figurine, complete with three of the Wisps from the game. Plus the games are pretty cheap too for limited edition games. Colour me impressed

    I played the demo on the DS store thing. Was alright but I would prefer the Wii version.

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