So This Is What Splatterhouse's Hero Is Fighting For

If Splatterhouse hero Rick's blood runs cold, it's probably because his memory has just been sold. His angel Jennifer is the video game centrefold in the December issue of Playboy.

Judging by Jennifer Willis' Playboy Data Sheet, Rick doesn't have anything to worry about. She's totally into guys with a dark sense of humour, hidden inner strength and a few battle scars. Hooking up with her should be as easy as transforming into a supernatural brute via a mystical mask and tearing hordes of evil creatures limb-from-limb. The fact that countless men and women have now seen her completely naked should only fuel his rage. What a thoughtful girl!

Namco Bandai's Splatterhouse is due out next week for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The December issue of Playboy is on stands now.


    She look slike Paris Hilton in the top image.
    Personally, I would bother.

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