Someone Is Already Playing Gran Turismo 5

Someone Is Already Playing Gran Turismo 5

While fans all over the world sit and wait for word on the Christmas release date for Gran Turismo 5, some lucky bastard is sitting in his home playing it.

Reader Alex sent along this video of YouTube user You5825 racing through Gran Turismo 5 on his PlayStation 3. It doesn't look to be a demo or a pre-recorded video, and with the discs being stamped as early as last week, according to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, there's a fair chance the game has gotten into someone's hands.

Just not yours. Or mine.

We'll just have to wait until Sony nails down a new release date. Should be any day now.


    • Of course it’d available any time you want. Just like you can turn it off any time you don’t want it. Why would you NOT want to have it available when you wanted to use it? It’s a pretty standard sort of driving aid for helping people learn the game.

    • Have you played GT5? The racing line only provides you the ideal line per course and braking/accelerating for the best lap times.

      It’s used to get a feel for the course when you first play it. You can also toggle it off any time. So no dice.

  • Racing line has been included in multiple racing games now, along with a lot of other driver assists. I’m sure in this, like other games, they will be able to be turned on or off.

    I’m gonna download this video and then put it on my xbox 360 with kinect and start doing some crazy zooms in and around the room to try and determine where this guy lives. What’s that, there’s a carousel out the window, it’s a park!

  • You know, it’s possible to get the game before release. I just bought a 3D Bravia, and Sony are running a promotion where you get a “3D Entertainment Pack” which includes a PS3, 3D Glasses, Some 3D Blu-rays and GRAN TURISMO 5.

    I am still waiting for Sony to send my pack, but I should have it before the end of the month.

    On the website, it says you can get the 3D Entertainment Pack on the spot if you purchase your TV from Sony Central.

    Thats how I believe this guy got it

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