Sony Pictures The PlayStation Move's Momentum

With the Xbox 360 Kinect selling like gangbusters, Sony releases this infographic to demonstrate how its take on motion gaming is picking up speed. Are you convinced?

The infographic uses up a lot of real estate discussing people interested in buying a PlayStation Move controller. Intending to buy and purchase intent weigh heavily, but those shipping numbers seem a trifle low. One million shipped in both North and Latin America since launch, and no concrete sales numbers? Taking into consideration the one million units shipped is the same number we got back on October 21, and I'm not sure I'm seeing the same momentum that Sony is.


    Oh Sony. "Intent" "Interested" "Shipped". I'm "interested" in going to the moon one day, doesn't mean that's going to happen either...

      Haha. Yeah I agree. Sony had to use the right words to make it even marketable. I think everyone in North America are eyeing the Kinect more.

    Some of these infographics are nice, but they're becoming overused...

    I'd like to see an infographic about people who don't give a toss about either Move or Kinect. I reckon those would be some big numbers.

    I love the "60% of people interested in buying the Playstation Move already own a wii". Right! So 6 right?

    Move? That thing still around?

    All of these statistics don't change the fact that it's a glow-in-the-dark ball on a stick!

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