Korean Crisis 'Is Not Starcraft'

Last week, North Korea shelled a South Korean island, sending the peninsula in to "crisis status". The South fired several test shots in response but, according to the New York Times, the country denied that any hit the North.

South Korean defence minister Kim Tae-young was questioned by one politician why the South's retaliation was delayed 13 minutes and not forceful enough, to which Kim replied, "This isn't StarCraft."

Kim certainly wasn't making light of the situation. If anything, he was using StarCraft, a national obsession in South Korea, to illustrate a point: the confrontation with the North is very serious and cannot be taken lightly.

In the wake of the shelling, which left two South Korean civilians and two marines dead, the BBC reports that Kim was urged to step down due to his handling of the situation. Ultimately, Kim resigned, and in his letter of resignation he took full responsibility for how the events played out.

In South Korea, StarCraft games appear on television and even as a metaphor in at least one soap opera.

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    See what happens, you put down StarCraft as "just" a game in South Korea and you lose your job.

      Wasn't Starcraft used as a rebuttal, as in he keeps his job because it's not a game.

      You have got to be kidding me! A reference to Starcraft is no excuse to write a misinformed article about the critical situation facing the people of Korea, both north and south! Go back to journalism 101 you Hack!

        Ke Su, you're talking to a Kotaku writer.

        If you want informed analysis of world events outside of a video game context... you're in the wrong place.

    Yes, he used it condescendingly, and as a rebuttal. But the humour comes from the fact this guy said "This isn't Starcraft." Not.... "This isn't Age of Empires" or "This isn't Supreme Commander", STARCRAFT!

    Which speaks volumes about the level of penetration this game has had in the Korean psyche. It's come to the point, where Brood War has almost become the counter-point or punchline for war parody (compared to our own Dr. Strangelove jokes.)

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