Splinter Cell Returns For Sixth Game

Ubisoft has confirmed that a sixth game in stealth action series Splinter Cell is currently in the early stages development at the company's Toronto studio.

And...that's all Ubisoft is willing to confirm as far as the game goes, with no word on things like setting (is it worth bringing back tired old Sam Fisher?) and platforms (the last game in the series, Conviction, never made the PS3).

About all we do know is that there are 83 people already working on the game and that former Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond will be heading up the development team.

Raymond working on Splinter Cell 6 [MCV][image]


    Sounds good to me.. i still need to get conviction, though.

    I have all the others, but i am yet to play most of them - something i hope to remedy after i finish with Mass Effect.

    Oohhhh Jayde Raymond hey! Now I HAVE to buy the game :P

    Nah, think I'm over Splintercell at the moment, Conviction was good, but I couldn't even finish it. Feels like they are just milking it now

      Yeah, I struggled to finish Splinter Cell. I really loved the pace of it, but I just got distracted with other things.

      Jayde Raymond... OOOO! A GIRL!

      SHe headed up Assassin's Creed 1 and that was a horrid start to a great franchise.

    After Conviction, I'd say that image is pretty appropriate. Own and love (mostly) all the games in the series, including both versions of Double Agent but with the same lead developers as Conviction, I'm not particularly interested at the moment.

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