Steam Is Just Giving Away Games This Thanksgiving

Savings just ridiculous on Valve's Steam service, with the company practically giving away games like Deus Ex, Half-Life 2, and Borderlands... and actually giving away tons of video games to Steam members on top of that.

Check the official Steam site for daily deals on the aforementioned games and more, because they'll be regularly changing. Right now, for example, you can own eight copies of Deus Ex for $US11.99 or ten copies of Half-Life 2 for $US19.99, two deals that will hopefully inspire a great deal of giving this holiday.

If you'd prefer to pay nothing at all for video games, simply load up your Steam wish list. Every day until November 30, Valve will be awarding 30 Steam users with the top five games on their wish lists, as long as you have ten or more items on it.


    The usual question: does this apply to Steam users outside the US?

      The deals & gift packs seem accessible outside the USA. Pricing is altered a little bit on some but a lot are the same.

      Borderlands, Prototype and Alpha Protocol standalone seem to be the three that are marked up. They're all about $5USD more expensive than the USA version.

      To do your own comparisons, add "?cc=us" (no quotes) as a parameter to the URL to see the USA prices.

      Australian prices (detected based on IP):
      USA Prices:

      Gift pack deals, Australia:
      Gift pack deals, USA:

    Already got Borderlands, Prototype and the Dues Ex Collection.

    Not interested in RUSE.

    Wouldn't mind giving Alpha Protocol a crack unless anybody has objections? As far as I've heard its just a "meh" title.

      I haven't got Alpha Protocol, but a friend told me it's good, but not as good as it could've/should've been. For $12.50, that's not a bad deal at all.

      But it has DRM, so that's an instant-pass for me.

      Worth it especially at that price. Not a brilliant game but the story and how every little decision does indeed have ramifications down the road is a nice touch. You've got to appreciate old style "I'm totally crap when I start" RPG's.

    Picked up Alpha Protocol. Can't wait to see what other sales they're going to have.

    I think VALVe are trying to prove to Microsoft and Sony that they're the only ones who really know how to do a proper insane sale...

      Crash Bandicoot 2 $2.99 US PSN? Its the only one I can think of, but thats pretty great.

      Theres the Age of Empires 3 on Windows Live Games store for 10c (I don't know if its finished or not), but its not giving me a product key so i cant install it, don't know where to go from here. I feel more disappointed than ripped off giving the circumstances.

        Don't worry, same thing happened to me, and when I looked it up, apparently a few thousand others. They actually ran out of keys! Apparently they've have it fixed in a week or so

    I'd like a free copy of hl2 or deus ex, my steam id is "gonxs", anyone feeling nice? :)

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