Street Fighter Player Copies Victory Pose, Defines Epic

Over the weekend at the SoCal Regionals fighting tournament, Street Fighter player Tokido duked it out for top spot in the losers' bracket. And then won the hearts of everyone in the room.

Tokido is one of the top Akuma players on the fighting game circuit. After defeating player ClarkyD, Tokido didn't miss a beat and walked to the projector screen, where he mimicked Akuma's victory pose.

The livestream, sadly, didn't clearly catch it. The above image, thankfully, did.

Shoryuken - Tokido Poses as Akuma After Landing Raging Demon Ultra for the Win [Shoryuken]


    LOLOL! Awesome!

    hahaha. that commentator sooo wants to have Tokido's babies. Must've been awesome to see it firsthand!

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