Strike Ewoks With All Your Hatred In Force Unleashed II Add-On

Good. Goooood. I can feel three decades worth of your Ewok anger. Take your copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and electrocute those Endor teddy bears and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!

LucasArts may be making up for the so-so Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II by sending series star Starkiller to the moons of Endor, according to a report from IGN, one that sees the super-Jedi heading to the memorable forest world from Return of the Jedi. It certainly can't be more disappointing than Starkiller's brief trip to Dagobah.

The Endor bonus mission pack will come to The Force Unleashed II sometime later this year, a Dark Side adventure that's sure to reek of burning Ewok fur.

Starkiller's Adventure Continues in Force Unleashed 2 DLC [IGN]


    Does this mean we have to rummage around in the bin to find our copies of TFUII?

    While I enjoyed Force Unleashed 2 gameplay wise (they fixed most/all of the issues from the first), the length was abominably short. Beat it within ~6-7 hours at the most, and that's with goofing around thrown in. And a half-hour or longer final boss battle that just felt horribly drawn out, rather than enjoyable.

    And Dagobah? Why the hell did they even bother? Sure, the cutscene was awesome, but the actual playable level was ~200m of straight-line swamp pathway with more than half a dozen unhidden Holocrons (and a couple of poorly 'hidden' ones). Why?

    And the light side / dark side ending wasn't so much a choice of actions as a choice of which alternate story line *for the entire game* you wanted to see.


      I'm still going through the frigate... but after the spider boss, I just don't want to keep going.

      Also, did anyone else find the amputations and decapitations were toned down from the demo?

    Finaly, the furry burning simulator the masses have been calling out for.

    For the bargain basement price of 1000, 2000, 3000 MS points...?

    If it's as overpriced as TFU1 DLC, forget it.

      Bargin basement price of .... 80ms points. Yes you read that right eighty microsoft points for this add-on.

    Nothing beats chasing them down and blasting them on foot or in an AT-AT in Star Wars Battlefront

      One thing does, loading up Star Wars: Rebellion, building a death star then jumping to endor to blow it to bite size chunks. No survivors...

    God, this is super disappointing. After making everyone pay 100 dollars for a four-hour video game, they are going to tell us that they totally had a whole planets worth of art assets that they were saving for DLC. I don't usually bitch like this, but that just hurts.

    I'll wait for the double-dipping Sith Edition, which will probably include exclusive DLC, just like the first game, giving a great big middle-finger to the fans...

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